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Horse Racing Game: It's Simple Enough for a Five Year Old to Set Up

Updated on June 19, 2016

Horse Racing Game

We obtained this game from a yard sale. It was in unused condition. The general gist of the game is something about horses, cards, people, dice, nickels and dimes and winning.

I haven't played it. I have only heard about playing it, seen people play it, but haven't played it myself.

Pretty Game

The game I have is in a pretty, brown wooden box. The horse are plastic and the dice are plastic. The cards are just regular poker cards, 52 per suit. Apparently you have to remove the Kings and Aces. You don't use them for some reason.

The Kings and Aces are the some disassembly required part of this game. They are included but, you might as well toss them out, or put them in the toy box with the rest of the toys.

Grandma - How do You Play This

I told her the truth. I do not know how to play.

She looked at me, handed me the instruction sheet, and said, read the directions. She's only five. She knows that the directions tell me how to play, but she cannot put her letters together as well as I, so I am nominated to figure this game out.

I squinted at the letters on the game. Now mind you, she's chomping at the bit and wants to know now, how to play. I sigh and take the directions from her. I have no motivation to learn how to play this dice game, but, I figured I'd better take pictures anyways.


There are horses that go into cut slots in the top of the box. That is easy enough. She places them in the grooves.

I show her how the K's and A's need to be taken out. She gets busy taking the eight cards out. There are two per suit. Suit, meaning the Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs. The heart looks like a Heart, and is red. The Diamond looks like a diamond shape and is red. The spade looks like a shovel end and is black. The club looks like a three leaf clover and is black, also.


There are two dice. Dice have dots on them. There are six sides to a dice and the dice dots are the counting rule.

1 = One Dot

2 = Two Dots

3 = Three Dots

4 = Four Dots

5 = Five Dots

6 = Six Dots


You will need to have nickels and dimes. Each person generally knows in advance that they will be playing this game and will bring their own money. Be aware that some people play to keep the money, so be prepared to either win the money, or go home with none.


Well. If nothing else, I can teach her how to shuffle the cards. I told her about dividing the stack in half. Putting her fingers on the cards so that she could alternate stacks and place the card ends together overlapping so that there were cards from both stacks meeting in the middle.

When you get to the last cards, you bend the bottom up slightly while holding your thumbs across the top of the overlapped cards. If you put a little pressure on bottom of each stack as you do this, the cards will generally start slipping up and across.

The noise they make will be a strong or gentle whirring noise. The first time I shuffled cards in this manner when I lived at home in the 1970's, my mother looked at me in amazement and asked if I learned how to shuffle from a card shark. I smiled. She was impressed and that made me feel pretty good.


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