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Horse Racing Selections – The Key To Success

Updated on July 10, 2010

Horse racing is gambling, pure and simple and the way to be successful in your efforts is by minimizing the odds against you and maximizing those in your favor.  The way to do this is by calculating the risks of every step you take – something that is second nature to those who make money on horse racing; and there are more of them than most people realize.  Horse racing offers options and choice on how you place your bets and in this way it is more of a thinking gamble than games of pure luck like roulette.

 The starting point in any process of horse racing selection is to evaluate a horse’s prior performance record which will give an indication of its present potential; a highly technical issue which will be beyond the scope of the novice better.  The beginner should make use of expert advice in making his horse racing selections which is easily found both online and in horse racing magazines, to guide them in their selections of horses to put their money on – anyone wanting to take up horse racing more seriously will do well to invest time in learning about the various issues involved for themselves.  Just as horse selection has many aspects to it so does the type of race you are betting on – a horse that is very fast but has no stamina will do well only is a short race.  The odds on a horse are worked out on the basis of these and other inputs and although short odds are no guarantee of a horse winning, the odds are a good indicator of the likely result.

 The next aspect to be considered is the types of bets that can be placed.  There are many betting permutations and combinations from betting on one horse to win to betting on the first 3 finishers to betting on multiple race winners.  Some of these betting options may decrease your chances of winning but they will also increase your winnings if you bet correctly so being able to balance the risk and rewards is essential to your success.

 You cannot hope for any long term success unless you have a racing plan that enables you to make your horse racing selection based on long term probabilities and not just short term hopes.  Since you will lose many of your bets, the plan needs to be such that it helps you to make your horse racing selection so that your winnings more than compensate for your losses.


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