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Horse & Tack | Show Horses | Amish Made Horse Equipment

Updated on April 2, 2013

Whether your into Miniatures, Draft, Clydesdale's or in between the Amish have the tools and knowledge to make or repair just about any horse tack and equipment

From horse blankets, bridles, carts, and wagons you can find all types of Amish quality made horse and tack equipment.

As we tour the back roads of the Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania Amish communities we are amazed at what is being made in the white cottage based shops located next to their homes.

We have even found one of the main outfitters for the famous beer wagon Clydesdale's which we will keep top secret.

The Amish are also very innovative while keeping things simple and well made.

One of the newest inventions that caught our eye was a horse show buggy in a box.

This four wheel buggy actually is built to totally come apart and store in its own traveling crate about the size of two tack boxes.

Now for those packing up the horses, tack, and gear into a horse trailer, this could be a pretty significant find.

Typical horse show buggies just are not very travel compatible with a horse trailer.

They either don’t fit inside or take up space that you could use to haul another horse.

Two wheel carts are also made from the simple pony rubber tire carts to the wooden spoke horse carts with back entry.

Turnout blankets are Amish hand crafted to fit a variety of sizes.

Heavy quilted double stitched horse turnout blankets have a waterproof, breathable Denier Poly cover to resist tearing from fencing and thick brush. Quilted inside.

The blankets have heavy duty straps keep the blanket in place.

For the human side of things the Amish authentic buggy blankets are made of soft and warm fabrics with a wind barrier built into the lining.

These blankets are very popular to wrap up into while watching shows in outdoor arenas or while riding in a buggy.

They are also very popular for camping out in the bunk house of a horse trailer or RV.

Leather and nylon harnesses and bridles as well as gig pads, breast pads, collar pads, are also custom made in various Amish shops for ponies all the way up to draft sizes.

From the simple and basic to the most fancy stud and chrome metal harness sets, the Amish make them to last.

For grooming the Amish use standard electric clippers or air powered clippers.

Air power using compressed air is used in most Amish woodworking shops so air powered clippers are a natural fit.

Farrier supplies from Farrier tools and custom Farrier carts are made and used by the Amish but also are available to the general horse owner public.

Product pictures are courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com who sell many of these Amish made products.

If you can't find something already on the site Cottage Craft Works has many direct relations with Amish shops for high end custom made products for horses, horse equipment as well as buggy and wagons.

Hardware kits to build wagon boxes, pony carts, wagon and buggy seats are some of the most popular products.


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