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Horse Trailer Compatible Show Buggy | A show buggy that packs up into a tack box!

Updated on May 31, 2013

This special designed buggy is built to pack up and travel inside a horse trailer tack room.

Best of all it can be out of the box assembled and show ready to hitch and go in less than 10 minutes.

Horse trailers are built mainly to haul horses and tack . They are just not designed very well to also haul a show buggy along to a horse show.

Between the wide wheel base and the long fixed shafts, show buggies are just an awkward item to load and unload into any space.

Having to transport horses and a show buggy can create a lot of time consuming frustration as they both have to show up at the show arena.

Up until this point show horse owners have had to devise or purchase expensive tag-along rack systems to hook on the back of the trailer.

Others haul the buggy on top of the trailer, or haul the buggy in a totally separate trailer.

These methods also require additional ramps and lifting equipment to even get the buggy up on the trailer.

One Amish show cart builder noticed this problem and all the extra work and time it created after the horse trailers rolled into the show arena location.

He noticed if the trailer was pulled through a driving rain or snow storm, the buggy on the back took all the abuse from the swirl of the constant wet muddy residue.

He noted the amount of time it took to clean off the buggy as well as prepping the horses before the show begins.

Backing up the trailer was also a challenge as the buggy wheels projected off the back making it hard to judge the distance before backing into something solid.

He also noticed how the trailer back doors or drop ramps were blocked when the buggy was strapped in place on the back.

Every time someone needed to get in the back of a trailer he noticed the buggy would have to be taken off and then hooked back on.

He concluded that beyond the hassle, this was probably not the best situation if the trailer was in an accident or the horses had to be evacuated quickly in an emergency.

The Amish gentleman returned to his shop and began figuring out how he could take a standard sized show horse buggy and build it so that it could be easily disassemble.

His goal was to build a buggy that would collapse down into a traveling crate about the size of a tack box to fit inside a inside a horse trailer tack room.

If he could build both, then he could offer the only truly horse trailer compatible show buggy.

He succeeded in being able to build a complete collapsible buggy as he had envisioned.

Amazingly it is a simple design that can be assembled and disassembled in as little as 10 minutes.

Yet, when it is fully assembled it looks just like any other show buggy in the arena.

It’s a lot less time and hassle then cleaning up a regular buggy after traveling in nasty weather conditions.

He also built a special crate to pack the buggy into. It even includes all the packing blankets and padded sacks to pack the buggy parts.

The crate measures 63” long x 36 wide x 22-1/2” tall. It is not much larger than tack boxes that are already used in the trailer tack rooms or up over a fifth wheel compartment.

The complete buggy uses snap ring pin fasteners for the wheels and metal parts.

The wood parts use piano hinged folding panels for the buggy box and seat.

The wood edges are even protected by a rubber strip to help keep them from being damaged as the buggy is repeatedly pack and unpacked.

The buggy will work with horse sizes from a 54” pony all the way up to full size horses.

He calls his invention The Horse Show Buggy In A Box.

He sells them locally around Northern Indiana and Ohio horse shows. They can also be purchased online at Cottage Craft

They are priced comparable or even less than a regular show horse buggy . This even includes the extra travel crate and packing material.

They can be shipped truck freight in the actual crate.


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