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Equestrian | Horse | Horse Turnout Blanket

Updated on February 2, 2012
Turnout blanket from Cottage Craft Works
Turnout blanket from Cottage Craft Works
Double straps keep the blanket in place
Double straps keep the blanket in place
Inside quilting
Inside quilting

Consider acquiring a quality turnout blanket for this winter

Normally a healthy horse does not require a blanket, unless the temperature falls below normal. When was the last time winter temperatures stayed normal in your area?

With the blistering colder winters, horses have been exposed to harsh below freezing temperatures more than they may be accustomed to, especially in the Midwest and Southern States. Nationwide the winters have become more unpredictable and reportedly are expected to intensify possibly creating a hardship on older or weakened and underweight horses.

If your horses stay out with little shelter or windbreak from the cold consider adding horse turnout blankets to your winter storm preparedness list in case a long lasting polar express comes to your area.

A quality long lasting horse blanket is made from durable denier poly cover to resist tearing from fencing and thick brush, waterproof to shed off the cold rains and snow, yet still breathable.

Heavy quilted double stitched Amish made horse turnout blankets are available from Cottage Craft Works. These blankets provide extra reinforcement at the stress points with straps and buckles to keep the blanket secure.

Blankets should be used during the coldest periods and then removed when temperatures rise to normal or above. Just like a car interior horse blankets can heat up quick on warm sunny days.

You can purchase these quality horse turnout blankets at Cottage Craft Works Horse and Tack.

Cottage Craft Works is an on line store featuring back-to-basics products and gear to the farm and ranch country self sufficient life styles. See all of the horse and tack including professional farrier and blacksmiths supplies and more at


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