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Horses | Draft | Standard | Pony | Amish made harnesses, bridles, and tack

Updated on May 25, 2013

The Amish who depend on their horses and tack, also make top quality horse harness products to last for a very long time.

The Amish take great pride in making long lasting quality products. Their perfected skills and craftsmanship also make Amish products highly sought after.

Despite the claims of the Amish treating their horses badly, the ones we know take extra care to treat and take care of their horses they depend so much on.

You can see the extra steps they take in building their barns, stables, and in the harnesses they make.

They will add extra padding and spine relief plates to protect the horse when they are harnessed.

Just Google in horse harnesses and tack and you can find pages and pages of products. A few sites sell Amish harnesses but generally the Amish do not work directly with the internet or even have computers.

According to US equine numbers there’s an estimated 10 million horses just in the United States. Horses ownership ranges from leisure riders, show horses, race horses to work horses.

Sizes and breeds is as diverse as the people who own them. You will find them from the miniature size measuring up to 34” tall, ponies measuring on up to 48” tall, full size up to 58” tall and draft size up to 76” or even taller depending on the breed.

You will also see horse height measured in “hands”. One hand equals 4”. A 16 hand tall draft horse would be the same as 64”.

The Amish not only make harnesses for driving and draft horse use, they also make racing harnesses that are used on the country’s most prestigious horse race tracks.

Many horse trainers use a horse training surcingle harness. The surcingle is a band with different attachment rings that fits around the horse's girth area.

The trainer is able to accustom the horse to the use of reins , the weight of saddles and buggy shafts using a surcingle harness.

Most companies sell just the harness, leaving the buyer to find a matching pad, and then purchasing a training rope to use with it.

One Amish shop makes a complete surcingle package that includes the harness, harness pad and training rope.

Amish made harness shops are also very custom friendly. While most imported harnesses are made in volume to just one style the Amish harnesses are made in small quantities by the shop owners.

This allows for decorative diamonds or spots to be added to fancy show harnesses, as well as custom selections and colors for different parts of harnesses.

Since the Amish use all sizes of horses, they also make harnesses from mini, pony, draft and mini sizes.

We also found the Amish shop that makes the harnesses for some of the famous Clydesdale teams.

This translates into a wide variety of quality USA made harness for all sizes and styles for general equine use outside the Amish communities.

Many people might view the Amish as behind the times because of their beliefs and culture.

They are actually pretty progressive in moving forward when they can improve on product to make living their sustainable culture more easy.

For years just like all harnesses, Amish harnesses were also made of leather. Leather works fine when the skies are clear the temperatures are mild. But, come rain, snow and cold sub freezing temperatures leather doesn’t do very well.

When a harnessed horse(s) is your main transportation or a field tractor you have to take the weather as it comes.

Being non-Amish we sometimes take for granted jumping into a vehicle and going from point A to B and back in all types of weather to do nothing more than driving into the garage and turning off the ignition.

When an Amish family returns home from a shopping trip not only does the family have to unload the buggy the horses also have to be unhitched and cared for.

Harnesses made of leather had to be carefully hung up to dry after traveling in inclement conditions.

When leather harnesses became old worn and cracked, like automobile tires the Amish would need to go out and purchase a new set.

In the 1970s the polyurethane polymer division of BF Goodrich began to experiment with a poly coated webbing to fill the demand for a more flexible, high-performance horse racing harness product.

In 1977 they succeeded in making a more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain product over traditional leather.

This was a huge discovery for the Amish, as they now could make waterproof harnesses.

The product is now preferred by the Amish in harness making because It’s waterproof, will not mold or mildew, will not absorb odors, and will not dry out or crack.

The poly material can be purchased in a gloss material or matte material. When the matte material is used in a harness it appears to be made from traditional leather.

The gloss material provides that patented leather shoe look.

If you're into work, race or show horses as a hobby or profession, Amish made bridles, halters and harnesses made of this poly material will add a touch or quality and durability to your equine image.

Show horse owners might also be interested in the collapsible Amish show horse buggy. It is actually built in an Amish shop to take fully apart or assemble in about 15 minutes.

The collapsible show horse buggy packs into its own traveling crate designed to be carried in the tack room or in the fifth wheel compartment of a horse trailer.

The Amish made harnesses, harness pads, bridles, tack and the collapsible show buggy as well as other buggies and pony carts can be purchased at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works is a unique online general store that has developed a following of people interested in high quality sustainable living products.

For those who don’t own horses but enjoy the equestrian environment, you can find the popular buggy and wagon seats.

Products can be custom ordered from furniture, to buggies as well as horse harnesses.


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