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Hottest NCAA Cheerleading Uniforms

Updated on July 10, 2017

Yell Leaders

All  male  yell  leaders.
All male yell leaders. | Source

Spirit Squads

— The Spirit Squads of yesteryear, were mostly comprised of men. These all male yell leaders or cheer squads as they were called, usually were three to four man teams. One of the first documented, organized, cheer calls came from the great Princeton University with their, “Rah, Rah, Ray! TIGER, TIGER, SIS, SIS, SIS! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Aaaaah! PRINCETON, PRINCETON, PRINCETON!" chant of 1880. It was the University of Minnesota Golden Beavers however, which put cheerleading on the map, and made it an actual school sponsored activity.

  • In 1920 a Golden Beaver cheerleader added gymnastic tumbling and flips to their college spirit cries.

Women joined cheerleading squads as early as 1907 but, it was not until the early 1940s, were all male spirit squads replaced by female cheerleading teams. This change in cheering dynamics was greatly influenced by the vast number of men, leaving college and enlisting in World War II. As of today, ninety percent of all cheerleading activities are mostly done by women. It is only at the collegiate level where male cheerleaders make up about fifty percent of the cheerleading spirit pride.

Missouri Tigers

The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls | Source

Mizzou Golden Girls in Action

The Golden Girls of MIZZOU

The time honored tradition of the University of Missouri Golden Girls were first established in 1957. The then band director Charles Emmons added eight majorettes and two twirlers to the band. In 1966 then band director, Dr. Alex Pickard had his Golden Girls do the dance routine called the Charleston, in front of their hometown crowd. This routine would forever change their dynamic and make them famous. Today the Golden Girls can be seen dancing and performing, in front of sell out crowds of 72,000, crazy, MIZZOU, Tiger fans at every home, football game. They can also be seen performing dance routines, during breaks, quarters and half time shows for all Missouri Tiger Basketball games. The girls are famous for their high-kicking action and tight sequin outfits. The University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri is a proud member of the SEC conference.

  • "Being a member of the Golden Girls is a prestigious and honored position that takes dedication, pride, time and hard work." —Director Shannon Fry, the head coach of the University of Missouri Golden Girls

The Golden Girls

University of Missouri Golden Girls
University of Missouri Golden Girls | Source

Spirit Squad of UT Longhorns

A Texas size proposal.
A Texas size proposal. | Source

Follow The Longhorns of Twitter

The Longhorns Of Texas

The men and women of the University of Texas Longhorns have led their school's rally cries since the early nineteen hundreds. However, it was not until 1955 did their famous Hook'em Horns first get used. Created by the team's head cheerleader Harley Clark Jr., the "Hook ’em, Horns" hand sign is recognized worldwide, as the symbol of the University of Texas Longhorns. Their mascot is a Texas Longhorn bull named Bevo, who has been the mascot of the university since 1916.

  • With their western style cheerleading outfits, showing off their bare midriffs and voluptuous hips; these hotties from the University of Texas in Arlington, continue to stay on top of most major "Best Looking Cheerleaders in America" top ten lists.

Texas Tech Pom Squad

Foootball Cheer Squad

Texas Tech Red Raiders Cheerleaders
Texas Tech Red Raiders Cheerleaders | Source

The Pom Squad for the Texas Tech Red Raiders

Texas Tech
Texas Tech | Source

The Hottest Raiders Out There Come From Texas

The Red Raiders of Texas Tech University spirit programs, know how to add spice to sweetness. With their Southern charm, red bows and pompoms, short thigh-splitting belted skirts, and iconic white cowgirl boots- these cheerleaders know how to rope a crowd into having an exciting goodtime.

  • The Texas Tech Red Raiders have two cheer squads.
  • They are also home to a nationally ranked pom squad led by Erin Harold.
  • The men and women of UTT spirit program are required to maintain an outstanding 3.0 GPA. Just like the beauties of the University of Texas Longhorns, the hotties from Lubbock, TX compete in the Big 12 conference.

WSSU Rams Spirit Program

Cheerleaders from WSSU
Cheerleaders from WSSU | Source

WSSU's sexy Spirit Squad

Another college institution with strong team spirit is Winston Salem State University in North Carolina. These cheerleaders are best known for their on the football field, victory circle, dance routine. These girls love to dance and shake their hips, to pop songs and hip hop dance music. When they are seen marching in the annual Homecoming parade, fans cannot help but to cheer for their favorite high stepping cheerleaders.

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