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House Boat Rentals in Kentucky

Updated on September 28, 2011

Why Rent a House Boat?

People love to go out on the lakes. Most people love to spend all day out on the water with their families, but it's not always a comfortable thing to do on a pontoon boat. Something larger is needed on special occasions, and why not go with a house boat? House boats not only afford you the space needed to have a large comfortable gathering on the lake, but it also allows you to spend your entire vacation on the water. Such boats are often equipped with multiple bedrooms and a full galley kitchen to make life easier. All the activities you could want are just right out off the deck. Fishing, swimming, tanning, and whatever else you decide to do are always close at hand. So let me ask you, why would you not want to rent a houseboat?

Every year thousands of people go for a vacation on a lake in Kentucky. Some people have their own boats and others rent. For the people who would like to spend their entire vacation on the lake, there is only one option. Houseboats. The problem is that houseboats are very expensive, both in initial purchases and in upkeep. Most people decide that it's best just to rent a houseboat, but it's not always easy to find a place that rents out houseboats. There is an abundance of places that rent pontoons and personal water crafts, but that is not the case with houseboats. With that in mind, we have scoured the internet to bring you several choices on where to rent a houseboat for your next vacation.

House Boat Rental Companies in Kentucky By Lake

Cave Run Lake:

Scott’s Creek Marina
4325 Kentucky Highway 801 S, Morehead, KY

Long Bow Boat Dock
8020 Kentucky 1274, Frenchburg, KY

Dale Hollow Lake:

Hendricks Creek Resort
945 Hendricks Creek Road, Burkesville, KY

Wisdom Dock
Highway 553, Albany, KY

Lake Cumberland:

Lake Cumberland State Dock
6365 State Park Road Jamestown, KY

Burnside Marina
680 West Lakeshore Drive, Burnside, KY

Beaver Creek Resort
8929 West Highway 92 Monticello, KY

Kentucky Lake:

Green Turtle Bay Boat Rentals
265 Nautical Drive, Grand Rivers, KY

Getting Prepared for the Trip

It's always important to be prepared, and that is especially true when you are getting ready to go on a relaxing vacation. If you fail to be prepared, your trip may not be the time of peace that you were hoping for. Instead, it could become a long line of hassles.

When packing for your house boat adventure, remember to pack these items. They may just help you to make this the best trip of your life.

Towels and rags
Air freshener
Soap and Shampoo
First aid kits
Insect repellent
Cell phones/ Walkie talkies
Matches/Long lighters
Wood for on shore bonfires
Sheets and blankets or sleeping bags
Slippers or warm socks to wear inside (in cooler weather)
Waterproof pack for your wallet (or a ziploc bag)
Warm clothing for the evening.
Water shoes that are also suitable for light hiking.
Games, cards, books

When getting back on the boat you'll probably track in stuff with you. Dirt, water, leaves, etc. To keep the place clean it's a good idea to have a large mat at the entrance of the boat to clean off on. A pair of shoes/sandals to walk around on the boat in are also a good idea.


No matter what company you decide to rent a houseboatfrom or what lake you decide to vacation at, it is always a great activity with family or friends. Everyone needs to experience more of the great outdoors, and that is why proudly sponsors articles such as these. Print A For Sale Sign proudly sponsors articles such as these. When it's time to sell your rig or tow vehicle, check out printaforsalesign.coms printable for sale signs.


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