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How Do Ninjas Climb Trees? Climbing on Trees like a Ninja!

Updated on September 26, 2011

How Do Ninjas Climb Trees?

The way of the ninja and how to achieve it!
The way of the ninja and how to achieve it!

Become a Ninja

If you ever wanted to be a ninja you would know exactly what I am talking about. You need to know how they hide, how they move so fast, how to attack, and most importantly...How Do Ninjas Climb Trees? I mean in all honesty there is always a ninja in that tree that seems imposable to climb (even for ninjas.) So anyway the most important weapon a ninja has is knowledge and intelligence. Followed by that is a deep understanding of martial arts. Things like the ability to run up walls and leap roof top to roof top help but might not be able to get a ninja up a tree. Ninjas have three primary ways to climb trees.

Ways Ninjas Climbing Trees Method #1

Real life ninjas (more then anime or tv ninjas) most commonly need an aid to climbing trees. The best way for a ninja to climb the tree is to use hand and feet spikes. These spikes attach to whatever you decide to wear on your feet with laces. Boots or shoes the spikes really dig into the wood (not easily of course but grabs on to the bark.) The same goes for the hand spikes. These spikes allow you to hold on to even the slickest of trees with high up branches. Of course in real life it is best to do this as safe as possible as risk of injury from falling out of a tall tree is high. Also for people who can't climb trees even with the spikes don't have to give up on being a ninja! Ninjas also use grappling hooks to climb to places they cant normally.

Good Ninjas aren't seen. At all. AT ALL.
Good Ninjas aren't seen. At all. AT ALL.

Ways Ninjas Climb Trees Method #2

When a ninjas need to get up large slender trees quickly there is another way if they don't have there spikes. Ninjas can throw there throwing knives or kunai to make a very crude step. Five of these with the martial arts training can prove to be accurate to make it up the tree BUT the downside to this method is an enemy or target could see the line of knives on the tree giving away the ninjas location (or signaling the possibility of a ninja being around if it wasn't known before.)

Ninja Skills

Not just for Humans.
Not just for Humans.

Ways Ninjas Climb Trees Method #3

Good old martial arts. A ninjas skilled enough can find a set of trees which he can work his way up to the branches. One foot on one tree and one foot on the other and a jumping motion. This is seen on Ninja Warrior (a popular show on G4.) Only the best ninjas will be able to rely on tricks like this in real life situations. Without some low branches you will most likely fail quickly. That is why this is the last resort method and last listed on here.


It's a long and hard road to be a successful ninja. Knowing the in and outs help all ninjas preform there best. Always remember knowledge and wisdom are a true ninjas true weapon, everything else is just a reaction to the current environment. From the right swords and weapons, to the right out fit and tools, and of course a martial arts of choice you will too be a ninja warrior.


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    • profile image

      AlienWednesday 5 years ago

      That was awesome! Informative and amusing.

    • billips profile image

      billips 5 years ago from Central Texas

      What a fun article - I admire anyone who can climb trees - and that includes squirrels - B.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 2 years ago

      Interesting article :)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 24 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, these ninjas are professional and determination are strong

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