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Fantasy Booking: WWE's Extreme Rules 2015

Updated on November 2, 2015

WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff Show

Female Battle Royal - winner to face Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship later in the night

Match Length: 10 Minutes

Give all the divas a chance to have some spots and show off personal move sets. When Brie Bella gets eliminated, have her get hurt to set up the match later on to be truly one on one. Have it come down to Paige and Natalya with some good back and forth for the last minute or so until Natalya finally dumps Paige over the top.

Winner - Natayla

I think this is the best way to start re-establishing the Diva's division. If done right, you can set up a couple of feuds outside of the title picture to make the other diva's more relevant instead of only concentrating on two or three divas at a time.


WWE Extreme Rules

Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Championship

Daniel Bryan [c] vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Match length: 35 Minutes

The match starts off with Bryan and Ziggler. For the first five minutes, have Bryan and Ziggler go back and forth with neither of the two getting the upper hand. At the end of the first five minutes, Wade Barrett gets released from his chamber and dominates for about the first minute. Eventually Bryan and Ziggler team up and wear down Barrett for a couple of minutes. For the rest of the time Bryan and Ziggler go at it again. Luke Harper comes out of his chamber and is met in the ring by Bryan and Ziggler. As they start to team up on him, Barrett gets back in and picks off Ziggler. Harper and Bryan work on each other on the outside while Barrett takes control of Ziggler in the ring. Dean Ambrose gets released from his chamber and goes straight for Bryan and Harper. After knocking them down, he jumps in the ring and blindsides Barrett. Ziggler eventually gets a hold of Ambrose and the two go at it in the middle of the ring. Bryan comes out of nowhere with a dropkick from the top rope. Luke Harper comes in and hits the big boot on Bryan and Ziggler, then has a stare down with Barrett in the middle of the ring. They then look up on top of one of the chambers and Ambrose hits his elbow drop. With everyone laid out, Sheamus gets released from his chamber. He gets in the ring and looks around with a smile on his face. He picks up Harper and whips him into the ropes, and on the way back, he hits him with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus pins Harper to eliminate him. Ambrose gets up and attacks Sheamus. The two trade punches until Ziggler jumps in, now all three are trading punches. Barrett gets up and picks off Ambrose. Ambrose gets the upper hand and Barrett shoves him off. Ambrose goes for his bounce back clothesline but gets caught with the Bull Hammer. Barrett eliminates Ambrose. Sheamus hits White Noise on Ziggler and then pulls Bryan up on the ropes and starts clubbing him on the chest. While Barrett is watching Sheamus, Ziggler gets up behind him and hits the Zig-Zag. Ziggler eliminates Barrett. As Ziggler gets up and turns towards Sheamus, Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick and eliminates him. Sheamus starts bullying Bryan, smacking him on the back of the head, pushing him down every time Bryan gets up to a knee. Sheamus finally throws Bryan into the corner. He walks across the ring and with his back turned yells “Fella”. As he turns around, Bryan hits him with his running knee and pins him for the victory.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Everybody in this match could have a legitimate shot at winning, but in the interest of making the Intercontinental Championship more relevant, I think you have to keep it on Daniel Bryan. Having Bryan and Ziggler starting off the match just teases what a one on one match against these two would be like. Sheamus has to be dominate when he comes in to continue to build his heel character.


Street Fight

The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow

Match Length: 15 Minutes

The Miz starts the match off yelling at Mizdow, claiming that he is nothing without The Miz. Miz walks up and slaps Mizdow while continuing to yell at him. Miz goes for another slap but Mizdow knocks him down with a right hand. Miz rolls out of the ring and waves off Mizdow while yelling “I don’t need this. You’re go back to being nothing without me.” Miz starts walking back to the locker room. Mizdow slides out of the ring and goes after him. The two fight outside the ring trading blows. Miz gets the upper hand and tosses Mizdow back in the ring. Miz grabs a kendo stick and a garbage can and tosses them in the ring. He then turns to the crowd and says “I’m the real star here.” As he slides into the ring, Mizdow hits him with an elbow drop, then stands up and grabs the kendo stick. Mizdow points at the Miz and looks around at the crowd, he then begins to start beating Miz with the kendo stick. Mizdow lays the garbage can in the middle of the ring and picks up the Miz. Mizdow hits the Skull Crushing Finale on the garbage can and pins the Miz to pick up the win.

Winner: Damien Mizdow

I'm not sure if this feud needs to be continued or if it is best just to have a one off. Sadly, I can't really see anything for either of them when this feud ends. Maybe a return for Rhoades Scholars to add more intrigue to the tag team scene.


Texas Strap Match

Goldust vs. Stardust

Match Length: 15 Minutes

This match starts off with neither Goldust nor Stardust getting the upper hand; lots of counters to showcase how well these two know each other. Eventually, Stardust gets the upper hand with a low blow. After beating Goldust down and hitting a couple of his spots, he missed with a high risk move and both lay in the ring. Goldust gets up to his feet first and starts working on Stardust. Stardust shoves him off and then slaps him across the face. Goldust snaps and hits him with a hard right hand, knocking Stardust down, and then starts whipping with the leather strap while screaming “Do you remember Cody?” Goldust continues to whip Stardust until Stardust isn’t moving anymore. The ref calls for the bell but Goldust doesn’t stop. The bell keeps ringing and a couple of refs come down to try to stop Goldust, but he just shrugs them off. Finally, Dusty Rhoades comes out and talks some sense into Goldust. As Goldust leaves, Dusty checks on Stardust.

Winner: Goldust

Use this match to rekindle their feud. Have the feud last a couple of months until Stardust goes back to being Cody Rhoades. If Goldust is indeed retiring soon, this would be a good way for him to go out.

Submission match for the U.S. Championship

John Cena [c] vs. Rusev

Match Length: 25 Minutes

Rusev starts the match out with knees to the abdomen and slaps to the head. Rusev backs Cena into the corner and just continues the abuse until the ref breaks them up. Just as the ref moves, Rusev runs full steam and splashes Cena in the corner. As Cena slumps down in the corner, Rusev rolls out and starts tossing chairs in the ring. Rusev rolls back into the ring and Cena jumps up and starts mounting some offense. Cena bounces off the ropes to go for a shoulder tackle but Rusev hits him with a super kick. Rusev grabs a chair and starts wailing on Cena’s back. Rusev tosses the chair out of the ring once he destroys it and taunts Cena to get up. A wobbly Cena uses the ropes to get back up and staggers to the middle of the ring. Rusev hits him with a suplex and then locks on the Accolade. Cena stays in it until it looks like he’s about to pass out. All of a sudden, he starts to get up on his knees and then to his feet. Cena slams Rusev into the corner and as Rusev comes out Cena bounces of the ropes and hits his shoulder blocks, followed by the suplex, followed by the five knuckle shuffle. Cena then grabs a chair and starts working on Rusev’s ankle. Cena picks up Rusev and Rusev thrusts him in the throat. Rusev comes off the ropes and Cena gets him with a drop toe hold and locks in the STF. Rusev tries to crawl to the ropes but Cena pulls him back. Eventually Rusev passes out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: John Cena

Let's face it, while Rusev is a great heel character, if WWE is truly serious about bringing prestige back to the U.S. Championship, it has to stay on Cena and he has to continue to have his "U.S. Open". What's next for Rusev? I don't see him feuding with Cena after this, I just hope he doesn't fall into obscurity.

#1 Contender Tag Team Elimination Match

The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E)

Match Length: 15 Minutes

Kofi and Konnor start out the match. Konnor starts running his mouth and Kofi hits him with Trouble in Paradise. Kofi pins Konnor while Big E pulls Viktor off the apron and clotheslines him. Jimmy Uso jumps into the ring and Kofi immediately tags Titus O’Neil. Jimmy and Titus go back and forth for a couple minutes until Titus takes control. Titus tags in Darren Young and the hit a double suplex. Darren goes for the pin by Jey comes in for the save. Titus comes back in and eventually Titus and Darren get thrown to the outside. The Usos do their double dive outside and then toss Darren back in. As Darren gets back up, he gets double super kicked and Jimmy covers him to eliminate the Prime Time Players. Big E attacks Jimmy immediately. Kofi and Big E make some quick tags as they try to wear down Jimmy. Jimmy finally gets Kofi with a super kick and crawls to make the tag to Jey. Jey comes in hitting everything that moves and Kofi gets knocked to the outside. Jimmy and Jey hit Big E with a double super kick. As Jimmy slides out and Jey goes for the cover, Kofi sneaks in and pulls Jey up to his feet and then hits Trouble in Paradise. He then pulls Big E on top of Jey and dives out onto Jimmy on the floor. Big E gets the pin.

Winner: The New Day

I went with The New Day because I think I heel turn and the chance of bringing back the Free Bird Rules could really bring some interest back to the Tag Team Division. Sadly, there is just not that many tag teams to get into, otherwise, this could have been a better match.

Diva's Championship Match

Nikki Bella [c] vs. Natalya

Match Length: 20 Minutes

Nikki Bella slaps Natalya right off the bat. Natalya takes her down and starts punching her. Natalya gets in some good offense until she gets trying to hit a clothesline in the corner. After that Nikki takes control and begins to dominate. Nikki works her slow, methodical style for the next couple of minutes. Eventually, she starts mocking the crowd and while doing so, allows Natalya to get back to her feet. Natalya starts hitting some power moves. Just as it looks like Natalya is gaining complete control, Nikki hits her with her elbow smash. Now both divas are laying on the mat and the ref gets to a count of 8 until they both get up. They trade blows for a little bit until Nikki goes for a small package. Natayla rolls through it and locks on the Sharpshooter. Nikki holds on for about a minute and almost reaches the ropes a couple of times before Natalya pulls her back to the middle of the ring. Nikki finally surrenders.

Winner: Natalya

This may seem like an odd choice, but Natalya is pretty solid in the ring and can work with anybody. Plus, putting the Diva's Championship on her makes Team Brass Ring look even better. Also, the Bellas have already said that they won't be renewing their contract so WWE should use the remainder of the contract to help get the other Divas over.

Triple Threat for the WWE World Heavywight Championship

Seth Rollins [c] vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Match Length: 30 Minutes

Rollins rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. Orton jumps out and chases him around the ring as Reigns just leans back in a corner. Rollins rolls back into the ring and when he turns around, Reigns spears him. Reigns goes for the pin but Orton breaks it up immediately. Orton and Reigns talk some trash to one another as Rollins rolls out of the ring. Reigns pushes Orton and Orton pushes back. Soon the two are trading punches until Orton takes control. After a couple of minutes, Rollins comes back in the ring and takes out Orton and Reigns with a chair. Rollins rotates back and then calls for J & J Security. He tells them to take care of Reigns while he continues to work on Orton. J & J throw Reigns outside while Rollins continues on Orton. Regins eventually gets the best of J & J Security and jumps back to the ring. Rollins cuts him off and starts stomp him, then starts yelling at J & J Security. Reigns gets up and jumps him from behind. The two roll out on to the floor where J & J Security jumps back on Reigns. They set Reigns up for a curb stomp on the steps but Orton blindsides Rollins. Reigns hits Mercury with a superman punch and Orton RKOs Noble. Rollins tries to make a run for it but Reigns catches him before he can get over the barricade. Everyone gets back in the ring and Orton and Reigns double team Rollins. Rollins takes a superman punch and then gets RKO'd by Orton. As Orton gets up, Reigns tries for a spear but gets caught in a power slam. Orton coils up and hits Reigns with the RKO. Suddenly, Brock Lesnar jumps over the barricade and into the ring. He grabs Orton and F5's him. He then goes for Rollins but he slithers underneath the bottom rope and starts crawling up the aisle backwards. Lesnar points at him while yelling "You stole my title". Lesnar then picks up Reigns and looks out at Rollins and screams "This is for you". Lesnar F5's Reigns as security comes running out to the ring with Stephanie right behind them. Stephanie has a mic and says "You're going to pay for this. Why are you ruining everything?" Lesnar gets cuffed all the while he has a huge smirk on his face. As he's walked passed Stephanie he tells her "This ain't over!"

Winner: No Contest

Having Brock Lesnar come in at the end gets him more over with the fans while setting up a Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins match later down the line. Having Rollins escape gets him more over as the coward heel, mean while, you can set up a Reigns vs. Orton match because both of them blame each other for costing them the Championship.

Who do you think will end the year as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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