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How Rusev and Lana Crushed Their Way Through WWE

Updated on December 17, 2018
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Former Los Angeles Lakers beat writer, future screenwriter, and currently enjoying writing about the amazing superstars of the WWE!

Back in 2014, the members of the WWE Universe were introduced to a new power couple that they needed to get used to seeing on their television screens. They saw this massive brute of a man dominating every opponent inside the ring while a blonde Russian bombshell watched on with a smile. Each week it became more eminent just how much destruction Rusev and Lana would create together every time they were given a chance to.

The dynamic duo would scorch through the WWE roster during their first year as The Bulgarian Brute would defeat the likes of Mark Henry, The Big Show, Big E, and Sheamus. With Lana by his side, it became inevitable that Rusev was a huge force to be reckoned with in the WWE and fans around the world wondered if this momentum would ever slow down.

Then when you didn't think Rusev and Lana would be even more dominant, they quickly changed that train of thought and defeated the great John Cena at Fastlane. With the timely distraction from Lana, Rusev was able to apply the Accolade and forced Cena to pass out from the pain, regaining his United States title as a result. By beating even someone like Cena, Rusev and Lana were proving to the entire WWE Universe just how impressive they were together.

A few weeks later, Rusev and Lana would get their ultimate spotlight at the biggest event of the year called WrestleMania. It's every professional wrestler's dream to have a high-profile match on that card and in just one year of being in the WWE, Rusev got that chance to face off, once again, with John Cena. Although the result was Rusev getting pinned for the first time in WWE, the mere fact that he was apart of one of the many highly anticipated match-ups at that year's WrestleMania was a MAJOR accomplishment in itself.

The Feud With Roman Reigns

After a long while apart, Rusev and Lana reconciled and captured the United States title once again after defeating the high-flying Kalisto at Extreme Rules 2016. They would then dominate through the WWE roster, much like they did two years prior, until a formidable opponent stepped up to the plate. That opponent was none other than Roman Reigns.

As the couple was celebrating their wedding ceremony in front of the live crowd on an episode of Raw, Reigns decided to crash the party and confront the United States champion. The result of what occurred was NOT something the couple expected to happen....especially Lana.

This moment can be described in one word---entertaining. Professional wrestling is all about feeling different emotions while watching a show. In some cases, the superstars of WWE make us feel the emotion of joy and laughter. Seeing someone who the majority of the audience considers a "bad guy" getting what's coming to them is always a special moment for fans to witness. In this case, Roman Reigns being responsible for Lana getting her face slammed down on a massive wedding cake did the one thing that WWE has always enjoyed doing---put smiles on people's faces.

Rusev and Lana would continue their long feud with Reigns for weeks, even comparing families. Right before their battle at Hell in a Cell, knowing that people always talked about Roman's family, Rusev decided to show the entire WWE Universe what HIS family was all about in another entertaining segment.

At this point the WWE Universe began to realize that there was another side of Rusev and Lana that we weren't too used to seeing---the comedic side.

It Became Lana's Time to CRUSH

For years, Lana was just known for being the manager of her husband and always accompanying him to the ring for competition. It then became time for her to prove to the entire wrestling world that she was more than just a distracting valet. It was now her time to step inside the ring herself and CRUSH her opponents.

I have the utmost respect for anyone who has never wrestled before that goes into a situation where an entire fan-base is watching your every move, ready to criticize. Lana has worked tremendously hard to make sure that her in-ring work improved each and every time she stepped foot in the ring. In my eyes, she has done a remarkable job doing just that.

No longer is she just considered Rusev's manager standing on the outside looking in. She became a fierce competitor on the inside looking out at the WWE Universe, who now sing along to this catchy tune.....

For me personally, the moment I realized just how great Lana had gotten was when the first ever Mixed Match Challenge came about. The pairing of Rusev and Lana was ALWAYS entertaining since their arrival in the WWE. However, the birth of Rusev Day and Lana Day really started taking the WWE Universe by storm.

Whether it was Lana screaming "I'm a monster!", or Rusev yelling at the top of his lungs for intimidation, the two became incredibly entertaining together during this time. The Mixed Match Challenge gave Lana the perfect opportunity to really use its platform to show just how much she understands the different variety of ways to entertain an audience.

She even won her very first match during the competition over a well-respected woman named Bayley. You can see the adulation on the Ravishing One's face when that moment happened and how proud Rusev was to see his wife make the first leap towards a successful in-ring career.

Thank you, Rusev and Lana, for constantly entertaining the WWE Universe the way you have over the last four years. Whether it was being the anti-America characters or being the lovable Rusev Day and Lana Day characters, you both have proven to the wrestling world why you truly belong in the WWE.

The chemistry you two share with one another resonates on our television screens in such an incredible way. You make each other better and it shows tremendously. Every time you two make your way down to the ring together, I always know to be prepared for the best entertainment.

I have zero doubt in my mind that the future of both of you is extremely bright. I also have zero doubt that Rusev WILL be a world champion sooner rather than later. He deserves it and he's earned it.

Earlier this year I wrote a message for Lana in a piece that I wrote on her. I told her, "I see amazing things ahead if you continue to learn and progress alongside the greatest female wrestlers in the world. Keep doing you, keep your head on straight, and keep pushing to persevere."

To see where Lana is now, I'm extremely proud and happy for her that she's progressed the way that she has.

The moral of this entire article is that there are no better days than Rusev Day and Lana Day. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there in the WWE Universe who cannot wait until the next time either of them CRUSH their competition.

And always remember----Lana is the bestttttt, Lana number one! Clap Clap.

What has been your favorite moment in the careers of Rusev and Lana?

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