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How Tall Must You Be For 26 Inch Mountain Bike?

Updated on October 17, 2017

During the old days, it used to be simple when someone wanted to determine and know about his height and which bike size fits the size. Someone would stand astride the top tube and that if three figures fitted between your crotch together with the top tube, then it fit you.

Today, things are not the same. There are basic measurements you can use when you buying your bike. Getting the right bike size helps you get a comfortable ride. If you go for a bike that doesn't fit you, then you can ruin the whole riding experience.

Recommended Height to Ride 26 Inch Mountain Bike

The big query is, how tall do you need to be to ride a 26-inch mountain bike comfortably? Does your height affect how you will ride your bike? If you want to ride a bike with 26-inch wheels, you should have a height of between 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches for teens and adults. Here are some other ways in which you can determine if a mountain bike will fit you.

By Use of Your Height

You can get the bike that fits you by determining your height. Stand with bare feet with a thick book in between your legs as the spin hard. Let someone get the measurement straight from the middle of your legs up to the top spine having the book.

The Top Tube Length

When determining which size of the bike fits you, consider the length of the top tube. This is more reliable than that of the measuring of the seat tube. With this, it will be easier for you when it comes to the adjustment of the saddles to offer right height to be reached by the leg than when the whole bike is adjusted.

Complicated Mountain bikes

Earlier on, the process of determining the bike size was so simple. But the whole process has become more confusing as the bikes became sized in inches. Quick mathematics: example the road ride is like 39cm, subtract 10cm to get 29cm. converting to inches, it will be 10 inches.

Size of the Tyre

The tires also come in different sizes according to the different wheels that they are meant to fit in and the width at the middle of the inflated tire. Maybe you might have noted a tire written on 500 × 20C - 500mm outer diameter and 20 mm wide - a road bike.

Size of the Tube

When it comes to the tube sizes, they are same to the tires. But because of their nature of elasticity, they have an allowance from their original sizes. Also in their diameters, there is an allowance. For example, you have an old bike of 27" wheel trust me a tube of diameter 700C will fit.

The Size ofthe Wheel

In the old days, the size of the wheel was being determined only when a tire is attached. For mountain bikes, 26" or 29" are the measurements mostly used and 700C for the touring. The most accurate way of getting the wheel size is by measuring of its inner diameter- from where the bead sits.


For the mountain bikes, for you to get your fitting size, you should be able to get the measurements or rather the sizes of different parts of the bike. Like that of the tube, tire, wheel, length of the top tube, your own height, among others. By doing this, it will help you to know how tall you should be for a 26-inch type of mountain bike. There are quick guides made by producers or even manual way of getting you inseam – your body height. So before buying a 26-inch bike, to avoid stress when riding, observe the measurements of the above parts before you make a move.

© 2017 Taslima Akter


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