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How To Be A Professional Footballer

Updated on March 7, 2015

Be A Legend Like Them



This Is An Overview Of My Whole Article

  1. Times To Practice
  2. Types Of Skills You Need To Work On
  3. What Should Your Diet Consist Of
  4. Things You Will Need For Practice
  5. From Where Your Football Life Will Begin (Clubs, Centres etc)
  6. Tips

Your Favorite Star

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Time To Practice

If a Soccer player asks himself that what are the times when I should practice Soccer, I say you better play Soccer on game consoles and forget about being a Professional. A Soccer player who wants to be professional should always practice, by always I mean it.

To make it more clear play Soccer when you are not: (i)Studying, (ii)Eating, (iii)Sleeping. Other times just practice...practice..and practice. You should practice so much that you will feel odd when the ball is not with you, it should become your second nature and you should be able to control the ball more than your dominant hand. Always be passionate about playing Soccer and you should be getting fun out of playing matches and practicing, if you do not get fun out of practice sessions then you better do something else.

Lionel Messi Awesome Dribbling Moves

Cristiano Ronaldo Step Over and Chop

Andres Iniesta Signature Move

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Bycicle Goals

Types Of Skills You Need To Work On

  • Dribbling: As a beginner you need to master Dribbling first, if you can't dribble then you don't know the "S" of Soccer. Dribbling is undoubtedly the most valuable skill. Always try to keep the ball at your feet, don't lose hope if you lose control, practice makes perfect.
  • Shooting: I say, shooting holds the same importance as Dribbling. You need to Dribble to opponent goal and Shoot. Shooting is a cool skill to practice and the most joyous. You must try to shoot with power at a wall or goal post. After you know how to shoot with power shoot with accuracy, I won't tell with which part of your foot(or head) to shoot with as everyone's' choice is different and there is simply no rule about from which part you can shoot with (except hand or shoulders).
  • Tackling: Tackling is again, ones own choice it is a skill where you fight with another dude about the ball and take the ball away. Always try to keep the ball far from your opponent and try to pass it some other dude whistling at long distance without anyone chasing him(he must be on your side of course).
  • Juggling: Although you are not going to juggle in a match but still its very important as it helps you to control the ball so you can handle tricky situations more easily.
  • Moves: You can learn moves while watching Soccer on T.V. (or whatever), I will also be giving some of the moves here for you to see.
  • Running: If you can't run then you can't play it, ou have to run to get past defenders or to get the ball close by, always try to run and increase your heart rate and that will help you succeed in your goal(both Soccer and lifetime goal).

Soccer Players Diet

Soccer Players Diet

I will not say the name of each food you should consume but you can see them in the chart (right side). Don't have foot having too much oil it will make you fatter which is not good for runners and will increase injuries, also don't consume alcohol, needless to say alcohol is the worst thing ever produced on earth (at least for soccer players).

Have food containing high amounts of proteins and things that helps in eyesight and helps muscles to grow and make you more energized.

Things You Need For Practice

  • Cleats: You can't play matches or practice with ordinary shoes, you need to have Soccer Cleats to play better. Because of its smooth surface you can control the ball easier and the spikes helps you to get a perfect curved shot. NEVER go to a game without them you can by them here (right of the screen), or you can also buy them directly though the things offered here are great in quality.
  • Soccer Ball: By now you should have a soccer ball but if not then buy the ball on the right (Brazuka), rubber and greatly balanced and colorful ball used in the World Cup 2014 has stolen hearts of many people who suffered in World Cup Fever.

Joining An Academy

Start Of Your Soccer Life

The most important time, to get many offers make a super cool soccer skill video and send it to coaches and also use your friends connection to get news of clubs and coaching centres and when you find one join it and impress everyone with your impressive soccer skills which you practiced for so long.


  • Learn from everyone (even from rivals)
  • Always give your 100%
  • Show positive attitude
  • ALWAYS train, in rain in snow..ALWAYS!
  • Learn from your mistakes

    Best of Luck On Becoming An Upcoming Soccer Star

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