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How To Beat Usain Bolt In A Race

Updated on August 7, 2012

Concentration improves athletic performance

No other human runs a distance of 100 meters in less time than Usain Bolt from Jamaica. He has proven it twice at the Olympics. While his abilities are impressive they are not unbeatable. There is always someone who will come along and run faster than the next man as he did. Would you like to be that person to run as fast or better?

Time equals distance divided by TIME. But while the distance maybe fixed, TIME is variable. The key therefore is to work on improving ones TIME, and that means speed. Usain Bolt was not born a fast runner. Over the course of his career he ran many races. He lost many races before he began to win. He began to win because he trained hard and was mentally dedicated to winning. How do you mentally dedicate yourself to win? Sign up for the workshop.

Effective athletic training is two fold. It involves improving the mental as well as the physical. Physical training involves strengthening the muscles, learning to control the body through balance, and improving the cardiovascular system. The muscles are strengthened by using resistance weight training as well as partaking in a good diet regimen. Body control is improved through continuous repetition. You can picture running fast in your head all you want but you won’t become as good as your mind without practice and repetition. The MIND does all the comparisons when the physical talents are the same. For instance, Usain Bolt and all his competitors may be equal in physical talent, but it's The MIND that makes the quick decision or strategy to outrun the others. How does The MIND develop strategies? Sign up for the workshop.

Finally, it's important to have a body and MIND coordination. You have to improve your cardiovascular system so that you won’t get easily tired. The internal organs of the body are made up of cells that need constant energy especially during physical exercise. That energy is supplied through the blood and the organs that supply the blood with the nutrients for the cells. Keeping your internal organs toxin free will insure proper function. The MIND and body coordination makes all these possible through CONCENTRATION.

Mental training involves improving ones CONCENTRATION. CONCENTRATION is the unification of the senses. It is a unification of the Electrical forces of the Soul with the Magnetic forces of Spirit. Whenever you have the two synchronized, you are bound to have good results. Some athletes will train for years but will never make it to the top of their sport because they simply do not know how to CONCENTRATE.

So, how can you improve your CONCENTRATION to beat Usain Bolt in a race? First you have to unlearn the useless mental conditioning that the education system has thought you. You have to learn that Numbers start from Zero and that Time starts from Zero. Light came out of darkness and the Spirit exists in darkness. So, where do numbers start? From zero/darkness/Spirit!

You learn how to improve your athletic performance by learning to concentrate through harnessing the magnetic properties of the Spirit through Numbers. Also, we have a series of Wonder Wheels CONCENTRATION Games that make the competition easier with plenty of STRATEGY formations. Professor MOmOH has worked with athletes to improve their performance and he can teach you too. Workshops and seminars available. Email Professor MOmOh at


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