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How To Calculate Fielding Percentage in Baseball

Updated on July 20, 2012

In the game of baseball, fielding percentage is a key indicator of the quality of a player's defensive ability. It used to determine the percentage of the number of defensive attempts that resulted in a throwing or catching error. Here's how to calculate fielding percentage.

The actual formula also includes assists and putouts and is calculated as Putouts plus assists divided by putouts plus assists plus errors. (Putouts + Assists)/(putouts + assists + errors).

This baseball statistic may not tell the real picture about a player's defensive ability. Case in point, take a fielder is who doesn't many defensive attempts. The smaller the number of attempts the more uncertain the true fielding percentage registered, is accurate.

Shortstop, second base and center field are the defensive players that average the most attempts.

To qualify for the lead the league in fielding percentage, a player must appear at a specific positionmore in at least two-thirds of his team's games but catchers only have to appear in half. Pitchers are required to have pitched at least the same amount as the number of team games in the season. A player has to have had appeared in 1000 games at the position; pitchers 1500.

Travis Lee is the all-time fielding percentage leader at first base, at .997. Todd Helton follows with a .996.

In the offensive minded era of major league baseball the emphasis is on the offensive prowess of the player and prospect. This is a transformation over the last 30 where back in the day there was more focus on the defensive aspect of the game.

In today's baseball game a shortstop who is below average defensively may have more playing opportunities that a good defensive catcher and just an average hitter. But all this depends on many other factors.

Either way you look at it there's no doubt fielding percentage is a big, big part of the game and will continue to be - the sports netsworks need the webgems!


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