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How To Do 100 Push Ups Easily

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Arthur Ariel is a young enthusiastic learner that is addicted to learning new stuff and isn't shy away to share what he's learned so far


Just a few days ago, I finally reached my 100 push-ups milestone without even planning it! I’m doing an ongoing diet and I planned to finally reach 100 push-ups by the end of the year. It was earlier than expected.

A few weeks ago, I could do an impressive 55 push-ups, I used to make it to 75 push-ups but I’ve been away from exercising at that time.

It was a blissful feeling. Monumental even. To be able to do 100 push-ups might not be as good as being a millionaire, but that feeling of accomplishing that milestone and doing it the way I did felt amazing!

Want to know how I did it easily? Here’s how I manage to reach 100 push-ups without making it feel hard.


First, A Little Bit Info

Here’s the thing: I didn't plan it at all, well at least, not on that day.

I scheduled my 100 push-ups attempt to be in November because I wanted to focus on losing my weight first.

I’ve been training my way up for like a few months now every time I do strength training, I always start my workout with a series of pushups. Usually, I’ll stop at around 50-55 pushups at first try. It’s not bad, some say it's great but that wasn’t my goal.

I’ve been paving my way through it consistently. I wished I could’ve done that sooner because I wouldn’t waste my time doing 50 push-ups every day on strength training.

There’s a plan (you can find it here) on how you can reach the 100 push up a milestone in a months time. That’s a lot!


For me, I took roughly about a month just to get to 50 (that’s because I spend more time trying to lose my weight). But it shouldn't be that hard if you're consistent everyday

Training To Get To 100

Getting to 25 or even 50 takes time, but 100! That seems like an insane time for a lot of people!

When I started a few months back, I could only do 20 push-ups. I know I could do more so I charted a plan: 20 this week, 25 next week, 30 next week and so on. It’s always better to hit small milestones before you hit big or else your hands are going to be more limp than a spaghetti the next day.

Start small: Make a goal of how much you’re going to do each week. Don’t rush it!
The minimum requirements to get to 100 push-ups is to at least hit the big 50 milestones! Stick with me now, it's possible. I did it.

Reading that might feel discouraging but trust me, it’s not that hard if you’re consistent. Results are not going to come easy. You have to put in the work.

Once you get to 50, don’t immediately rush to get that precious 100. For the following week, try hitting 60, 75 push-ups first. Doing that will let you know where you peak.

If you’ve ever reached the 75 milestones, it's much easier in the end.
Now, even just getting to 50 is hard, both for your hands and mentally, so I'll tell you how I reached 100 without even planning it.


How To Make It Easy

There are 2 things I did:

  • I made a mental task.
  • I didn’t make it a big deal.

The Importance Of Making A Mental Task

What I mean by doing mentally task is by dividing the 100 push-ups into 25 push-ups. Treat it like 4 sets of 25 push up but you have to do it simultaneously.

When you think of it like that, your brain will think that it’s not that big of a task! You’ve made it 25, how hard can it be to do it 4 times?

When you do that, it’s going to get much easier than when you’d think of that as a 100.

Don’t Make Getting To It A Big Deal

I successfully did 100 push-ups without even expecting it! All I had in my mind back then was, “How much can I get this time” and I think you should have that on the back of your mind too when you’re going to do it.

Making it a big deal wouldn’t work out for you because by making it a big deal, your brain will subconsciously make the job harder for you.

Thinking that getting 100 push-ups is a big deal will make your brain waste unnecessary amounts of energy from your body.

Thinking it a small thing or as something that you aren’t expecting will make your brain focus more on the little tasks such as focusing on getting the 25 push-ups 4 times in a row.

How It's Going To Look Like

To start things off, do your first 25 push-ups. It should be easy for you if you've been practising a lot of times.

Once you get to 50, your hands already starting to get tired. In this part start thinking of the next few parts as 1 set at a time because the last 2 reps will kill your arms! Only think about getting that 25 push-ups out of the way, don't ever think that you're nearing 100 or else you're going to fail/make it harder for yourself.

Once you get to 75, your hands are probably shaking madly. You don't think you can reach the last rep. If you think you're not going to make it, divide into smaller parts of 15 and 10 push-ups. This will increase your chances of getting there.

Once you reached 100, congratulations! You did it!!! If you fail at 80 or 90. Don't be discouraged, you've just done something that most of the human population will never go through. Give yourself a pat on the back and keep trying.


Don’t make your word harder than it is. Instead, break the 100 push-ups into 4 sets and don’t think of it as a big deal. You’ll waste a large amount of energy if you’re trying to do so.

But remember, you have to put in the work first. Try reaching the 50 milestones first. Again, it’s not that hard to do it, all you need to do is be consistent and never give up,

No go out and do your sets!

How Many Push Ups Can You Do?

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