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How To Do Some Snowboarding Tricks

Updated on August 8, 2010

How To Do Some Snowboarding Tricks

 As long as you have a bit of experience snowboarding, you can start to learn different snowboarding tricks.  The tricks are one of the best things about the sports and are a huge part of what makes it so fun and so entertaining.  With practice and patience you can improve and get every bit as good as the pros out there but this will take some hard work.  One of the easiest snowboarding tricks you can work on in the meantime is the grab.

 This trick is just as simple as it sounds.  You simply go down a slope and up over a jump, then while you are in the air you want to reach both hands down and grab your board.  You can only use one hand if you want, but make sure either way that you give yourself time to take your hands out from under the board before you land.  You also need to be straight up enough before you land that you will be able to get your balance and not fall over.

 The Ollie is one of the most commonly used tricks in snowboarding, whether you use it to do a rail or get onto a jump.  This is a trick that is done in skateboarding as well as snowboarding and which is really simple.  As you are going down a gentle slope, at least for practicing, you want to start to shift all of the weight onto your back foot.  As you do this you want to pull up the nose of your board so it is in the air.

 Once the nose of your board is in the air you jump and, keeping the board centered underneath of you, bring the board up to your chest.  This is the trick that boarders use when they want to get up to a rail or a jump.  The wheelie is the third most basic trick in snowboarding.  To do a wheelie you just need to start off by going down a slight slope and life the nose of your board into the air.

 You bring the tip of the board up into the air and then bring it back down.  It is a very simple move, but is used to prepare you for more advanced tricks later on.  These are the most basic tricks and those which lead into some of the more advanced tricks.  If you do not have these tricks perfected, there is no way you are going to be able to master the more challenging snowboarding tricks.


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