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How to Fillet a Salmon: The Quick And Easy Guide

Updated on January 12, 2012
Atlantic King Salmon
Atlantic King Salmon
Screw Driver
Screw Driver | Source
Fillet Knife
Fillet Knife | Source
Fish Skin Rippers
Fish Skin Rippers | Source

This article reaches out to the angler who has bagged a salmon, or more than one salmon, and doesn't know where to go from here! A step by step guide on how to fillet your salmon the easy way. This method has been perfected over the past 4 years, and saves us alot of time and money.

What you'll need:

Fish Skinners (Shown in photo)
Filet Knife (Try to have one with at least a 7 in. blade)
Phillips Head Screwdriver (The longer the better)
COLD Water (Preferably Running)
Sturdy Table
Ziplock Bags
Permanent Marker


  1. Start by rinsing off the outside of the salmon, to remove all dirt, leaves, etc.
  2. ´╗┐Lay the salmon on the table and cut a slit (enough for the fish skinners to grab so about 1-2 inches) into the salmon right behind the gills and in the center of the fish. See the picture below. It's where the straight lne is running up and down behind the gills. Your goal here is to split the meat away from the skin.
  3. Take the screwdriver (this is graphic) and go directly through the top of the fish's head, through the eyeballs with it. It's best if you have a small hole in the table for the screwdriver to fit in. This stops the fish from moving.
  4. Take your fish skinners and firmly grasp the slit of skin you just created.
  5. Pull the skin towards the tail in one swift motion, making sure you are only pulling skin and not meat and skin.
  6. The skin should come off with no problem.
  7. Filet the fish as you normally would any other kind, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top.
  8. Discard any unwanted parts.
  9. Rinse your filet off with cold water and place in Ziplock bag. (We usually cut our filet into 3 pieces because they are so large.
  10. Mark the date on the outside and place in fridge or freezer.
  11. Enjoy!

Outline of meat inside of the fish (Approximately)
Outline of meat inside of the fish (Approximately)


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    • stephaniedas profile image

      Stephanie Das 5 years ago from Miami, US

      Soo useful, like lots of your hubs. You seem like a great outdoors enthusiast :)