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5 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Hunting Experience

Updated on March 11, 2015

What is it about hunting that keeps hunters going back for more?

Gearing up for the fall season couldn't be more exciting for any avid hunter. There are trail cameras to set up, food plots to monitor and hunting gear to collect. Most hunters enjoy all the prep work to get them in hunting mode before the season begins. But what is it about hunting that keeps hunters going back for more?

Is it the thrill of the chase, the peace and quite of the the great outdoors, putting meat on the table or simply the feeling of being one with nature that brings the appeal? Perhaps it's all of these things that hunters desire.

Whatever the case, get the most out of your hunting experience this fall and you're sure to feel refreshed and satisfied once the cold winter sets in.

1. Do Your Prep Work

Before you put up a blind, tree stand or decide which tree to sit under, make sure you are in a high animal traffic area. Do this by familiarizing yourself with the land you're going to hunt. Set up trail cameras and walk the property you plan to hunt. Look for game trails, tracks or scat. Also work on setting up a food plot or mineral lick to encourage animals to stop at your location.

Food plots in conjunction with a trail camera, allow you to track game patterns and keep animals coming to your location on a regular basis. The use of a range finder or pacing off distances from your stand or blind, will help you determine a clean and ethical harvest. If hunting from a tree stand, make sure to check all your safety lines and straps ahead of time to ensure they are in good working order.

You may also need to clear or trim your shooting lanes. All this prep work will not only let you know the time of day to be hunting, but will give you a better idea where to set up opening day to have the best success of making a harvest.

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10 Quick Hunting Tips

  1. use unscented soap
  2. don't wear cologne
  3. use camo face paint
  4. wear orange when required
  5. arrive at least a half hour before sunrise
  6. wear weather appropriate attire
  7. tell someone where you are hunting
  8. ensure written permission from land owners
  9. don't put yourself or others in harms way
  10. don't hunt under the influence of drugs or alcohol

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your calls ahead of time and take time to perfect each specific call and sound. Practice with a buddy so you can receive feedback on how you are sounding. Also practice shooting your bow or gun ahead of your first hunt to test for precision and accuracy.

If you have a scope, set your sights in ahead of time. You don't want to have your practice shot on a live animal and completely miss your target. So try to get out and practice a few times before the season begins, to ensure you've got the best shot possible heading out for your hunt.

3. Take The Pressure Off Yourself

Hunting for sport should be considered leisure time. It's a time to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. Notice the peace and quite, listen to the animals waking at dawn, watch the sunrise and how the shadows change around you as morning breaks. Hunting should be a time where you can relax and quiet your mind to reflect and rejuvenate yourself. It should lower your stress level not increase it. Yes it is nice to put food on the table or to get that trophy buck you've been chasing. However, it is when you take the pressure off yourself, that you'll find he's bound to show up right in front of you.

6 Reasons Why People Enjoy Hunting

Why People Are Pro Hunting
It’s Safe
It’s Healthy
It Helps the Planet
It’s Good for the Species
It Saves Money and Helps the Economy
It's Good for Your Family
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4. Get The Proper Gear

Make sure your camo matches the environment you are hunting. Your clothing and blind should blend in with the nature surrounding you. You also need to be dressed for the weather conditions. Whether it be a breathable mesh long sleeve shirt or a pair of camo men's waterproof hunting boots, being comfortable and prepared for varying weather conditions is important in order to enjoy your hunt. Wearing the correct gear will enable you to stay still in the bush and hidden from the animals. Hand warmers, seat cushions and mosquito repellent appliances are all aids that will add to the positive experience of your hunt. There are tons of different clothing, gear and hunting aids out there, so do your research and see what will best suit your hunting needs for the best price.

Hunting Techniques

15 Items Hunting Backpack Checklist

  1. flashlight
  2. water bottle
  3. snacks
  4. knife
  5. ammunition
  6. hunting calls
  7. first aid kit
  8. hunting licence
  9. game tag
  10. camera
  11. cell phone
  12. matches
  13. toilet paper
  14. candle
  15. extra socks

5. Maximize The Health Benefits

Most hunters practice earthing without evening knowing it. Earthing is when you touch or connect with the earth and allow its healing energy to flow into your body. Earthing has been known to lower stress levels, reduce inflammation and energize your body to name a few of the many benefits. While hunting, don't be afraid to get some mud on you as the more you touch the earth, the better it is for you. Try to lean against a tree or sit on the ground. You can also wear earthing footwear that allows conductivity to occur through your feet.

Following these 5 hunting suggestions are sure to give you the edge that you're looking for this hunting season. Remember the time and energy you put in before the hunt, the more success the actual hunt is bound to be. Whatever it is that drives your hunting passion, remember to enjoy your time outdoors and share your experiences with the ones you love.


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      Love Dr. Grant Woods. ... Thanks for the tips!


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