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How To Hit A Driver With Power

Updated on April 16, 2011

The Broom Swing

Searching for more power with your driver? Try these simple keys to harness the most distance and control with the “big dog!”

If you take a broom and swing it like you would a driver you will instinctively find the correct positions your arms should be in during a golf swing. The weight of the broom and the resistance of the bristles promote the proper position at the top of the swing; with the right elbow down and supporting the weight. On the down swing, the broom will automatically “lag” behind the hands and upper body as you approach the bottom of the swing plane. Through the impact area and to the finish position the broom will force your arms and body weight transfer in balance to support the resistance of the broom. Try this and practice it for about 20 minutes before heading to the range. You’ll see how much better you hit your driver with power.

Sam Snead -  Note: The reverse 'K' in both the address and impact positions.
Sam Snead - Note: The reverse 'K' in both the address and impact positions.
Get into the reverse 'K' position.
Get into the reverse 'K' position.

The Address Position

Most errors with the driver occur as you try to help the ball or lift the ball off of the tee. To fix this problem you have to be in the correct position at address. Commonly known as the reverse ‘K’, your right shoulder (for right-handed golfers) will naturally be lower than your left shoulder at address. Your right hand is lower than the left hand so it makes sense that your shoulders will follow. One way to check your position is by taking your driver and holding the grip against your chest, at your sternum, and let the driver head fall straight down toward the ground. Stand to a teed ball as if you were in position to hit it, with the ball on the inside of your left heel. Now, lean your shoulders to the right until the driver head is pointing toward the golf ball. You shouldn’t be leaning backward, just to the right. This is the best address position to hit a driver with power.

Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan

Still The Best Golf Swing Ever!

Tiger's incredible shoulder turn and complete backswing!
Tiger's incredible shoulder turn and complete backswing!

Powerful Back Swing

The secret of how to hit a driver with power is to turn away from the ball while keeping the club as far away from your body as you can with your lower body stable.  A full backswing involves the chest turning away from the target and the arms maintaining a long, wide, swing plane.  The arms should not be collapsed against the chest on the backswing.  Don’t worry about how far back the club is; make sure your body turn is complete.  If you want to know how to hit a driver with power, focus on gaining flexibility in your lower back and shoulders for a powerful backswing.

Tiger's down swing sequence.
Tiger's down swing sequence.

The Order of the Down Swing

The goal in a good downswing is to get the big, powerful, muscles in the back and legs to help generate as much speed as possible, and then get out of the way. By giving yourself space in the backswing, with the arms wide and clear of the body, you give the lower body time to start unwinding first. The arms then follow and the club head goes through last. The start of the downswing should be triggered by shifting your hip toward the target. Club head speed = distance, so to get the most club head speed you need to focus on the correct order of the downswing. Learning how to hit a driver with power will be easier if you understand the correct order of the downswing.

One other point to make is that your tempo is crucial, especially with the driver. If your arms are too far behind or ahead of your body at impact the driver will over emphasize a poor, or unwanted, ball flight. Try to count to at least “2 one-thousand” in your backswing before uncoiling your downswing.

Getting help with your driver begins at the practice range. Invest in some lessons and spend time practicing for the fastest, game-changing results.

Sam Snead's Head Turn Tip


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