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How To Improve Vertical Jump For Basketball Players - Air Defying Secrets

Updated on May 9, 2010

The advantages of improving your vertical jump for basketball players

For basketball players, knowing how to improve your vertical jump will inevitably add a lot of flair into your game. A windmill dunk off the fast break, a "Not-In-My House" block from behind or even raising up in the air and serving a facial against your opponent will get the crowd crazy and the girls going wild...

It is always an awesome sight when someone does all those air defying feats but what is really important is that it boost the confidence and energy of the team while stealing away the morale of the opponent.

By increasing your vertical leap, you will instantly become a valuable asset to your team... not to mention that you will too, become the crowd favorite and idol of many would be followers.

So how do you actually go about improving your vertical jump, especially for basketball players, in the shortest time possible ?

Well, you can check out the training NBA and professional dunkers use here: The Vertical Jump Guide

Here are some hardcore slam dunk secrets you can start with:

Lebron James with a vicious air defying slam dunk against Alonzo Mourning
Lebron James with a vicious air defying slam dunk against Alonzo Mourning

Hardcore Training To Increase Your Hops By 10 Inches

In order to possess great leaping ability, you will need to add power and explosiveness to your core and muscles. The workout here is pretty tough... but the rewards that it does to your hops is just unbelievable.

1) Lunges - One of the must do trainings for basketball players to improve vertical jump is lunges. Lunges builds your leg muscles to the core and also instill explosiveness into them.

Start by lunging forward with the first leg with the knee of the second leg almost touching the ground. Return back to your standing position and repeat using the alternate leg.

2) Calf Raises - Do you know that your calf muscles contributes to about 25% of your overall jump.

If there is one muscle group that allows you to see results fast, it is to train your calf muscles.. and calf raises does just that.

Start by using the stairs or any steps as platforms, perform your calf raises. A tip on getting the most out of this training is to go down slowly, ensuring that your tendons are well stretched before going up again.

3) Board/Rim Touches - This vertical jumping workout works on your fast twitch muscles and is extremely effective in training your explosive power, especially when it comes to situations like rebounding and shot blocking.

Standing below the rim, jump and try to touch the rim with both your hands. As soon as your feet touch the ground, explode straight up and touch the rim again.If you are unable to touch the rim, start with the backboards first and progress on wards.


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    • profile image

      Rebound Specialist 7 years ago

      Improve your timing too and reactive power, this two goes together, high vertical jump is not the only secret.