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How To Jump Higher Like A Basketball Star- Increase Your Vertical Jump and Strengthen Your Bones

Updated on December 30, 2013
Surprise your friends the next time you have to go vertical!
Surprise your friends the next time you have to go vertical!

Best Vertical Jump Tips

Once upon a time we were younger and would play the sports we were good at and worked hard at the ones that promised to make us popular. Basket ball was safer than football and had as much prestige. Today it's no different except we play to show off the skills we once had.

As we get older things change. Playing ball with the boys keeps you in shape and is good for your physic. But guess what learning how to jump high is attainable with practice.

You have to practice and work hard on exercise drills on a continuous basis to jump higher. Below are some exercises that can get you started right away.

If you wonder how others are able to jump so much higher the main reason is because of their leg muscles have been developed for jumping. Learn how to increase your vertical jump with practice everyday.

Some people naturally have strong thigh and leg muscles and others have to train to develop these muscles. Nevertheless natural talent will fail if you do not stay fit and continue to train.

If you want to add more inches onto your jumps in any sports you can begin by taking rope jumping very serious.. If you don't do this already, add this to your work out regimen now. It is the committed that will learn to jump higher. It is the serious that can add another inch to their already high jump. If you want this bad enough do what you have to do to reach your goals. Like any other dream come true; you have to want it bad enough.

That being said, before any exercise you must stretch and warm up. Running up and down some stairs for about 10 or 15 minutes can serve as a warm up.

Here are a few tips to add some inches onto your vertical jump....

Best Workouts To Jump Higher

When you do these exercises you can use the jump rope to warm up and to do as part of your exercise program. Do each exercise 15 times each or for 2 minutes each.

Do all exercises 3 (reps) in order. You don't want to over work any muscles. You want to do this everyday and rest on Sunday to allow your muscles to repair itself.

  • Jump rope
  • Deep knee bends
  • Toe raises
  • Sprinting

You can do more depending on how fit you are. Add weights to your program to cause more resistance. No more than 5-10 lbs depending on your strength. Don't start to heavy if you haven't been using weights.

As you can see there are ways to jump higher but the main way is perseverance and commitment. Please take caution if you have been injured or hurt. Don't do anything that can damage or cause you further injury.

Don't do these exercises everyday. 4 or 5 days is just fine. You don't want to push to much and give up and remember the other parts of your body need to be worked on too.

Work yourself up slowly. For more information to learn how to increase your vertical jumping go to Jump Higher In 2 Weeks for the best vertical jump workout.

Learning how to jump higher will make you look good on the court and is great for strengthening your bones and keeping your body looking good. I hope you find this hub useful and continue to enjoy the game.


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