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How To Jump Higher In Basketball Without Using Any Weights

Updated on May 9, 2010

Want To Jump Higher But Don't Want To Go Through Weight Training - Is It Possible ?

In all context, it is wrong to learn how to jump higher in basketball without using any weights. Weights helps to build power and adds more strength into your explosion off the ground, allowing you to have a powerful vertical leap.

Using weights also helps to build up your core, so that you can easily stabilize yourself and have great balance for powerful unstoppable dunks.

However, if you choose to, you can still improve your hops without any weights... using a training routine known as plyometric training.

The plyometric works by training your fast twitch muscles to react like a stretched rubber band, gaining massive explosion off the ground during a jump. While weights add strength to your legs... plyometric adds the speed...

How To Jump Higher For Basketball Fast

Kobe Bryant Soaring Up For A Dunk. - Image Courtesy of
Kobe Bryant Soaring Up For A Dunk. - Image Courtesy of

3 Powerful Plyometric Exercise To Make You Jump Higher In Basketball

The key to making plyometric training work is to attack it with speed. Like I've mentioned, plyometric works on the speed to add explosiveness to your jumps.

In other words, if you want to achieve maximum gain from these type of workout, you got to do it with speed - period.

1) Tuck Jumps - The simplest of all plyometric drills but an awesome training routine for adding some extra inches to your hops. What you want to do here is to stand shoulder width apart. Jump as high up as you can and while you are in the air, tuck your legs in so that your knees are almost touching your shoulder.

As the balls of your feet touch the ground, spring back up as fast as you can again. Remember... focus on the speed to receive maximum gain from this drill.

2) Split Lunges - This single plyometric training will help you jump higher in basketball especially in your single leg dunk and take off. The steps are pretty similar to lunges, except that you add in the jumping motion into the mix.

Standing with one leg forward, lower your body by bending at right hip and knee until thigh is parallel to floor then immediately explode vertically up. when you are in the air, switch and alternate your legs.

Again, focus on the speed of the explosion off the ground... if you are doing it right, you will feel a lot of stress on your quadriceps during the workout... and the end result... a powerful one leg take off for fast break dunks !

3) Lateral Hurdle Jumps - Find a box or hurdle of about 10 inch of height. Place them beside you. What you want to do here is to jump laterally from one side of the box to the other. As you land on the balls of your feet, quickly spring back to the other side of the box... going from left to right and right to left.This training routine is going stress and inject a lot of explosive power into your fast twitch muscles, ensuring that you will improve your verticals fast.


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      5 years ago

      Thank you so much for such a great blog.

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      5 years ago

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