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How To Make Youth Baseball Practice Fun

Updated on July 20, 2012

Having trouble keeping the players interested during the kids baseball practice? As a youth baseball coach I run into this problem off and on during the season.

The best way to break up the monotony is to change it up. Instead of running the throwing, fielding and hitting drills that can get so mundane, freshen it up with some competitive fun. Here is a great youth baseball practice tip to make practice fun.

Intrasquad Game

The twist on this version of the intrasquad game is to assign team leaders. Let them choose their teammates, the batting order and the players defensive positions. Here's more details.

  • Assign two team leaders. Select two of your "non-stars".
  • Then have a "draft", letting the team leaders to pick their team from the pool of players.
  • Allow the team leaders to choose the batting order and defensive positions.
  • Flip a coin to decide the home team.

This drill can be done with as few as 10 players. Using the coach as the pitcher for both teams. With 5 baseball players on each team you need to field a First Baseman, Second Baseman, Short Stop, Third Baseman and a Catcher.

Don't worry about the outfielders. Get creative, any ground ball hit through the infiled is an automatic single. Any fly ball hit over the infield is a double, etc. etc. OR you can let the kids play it out.

I prefer to have the players run out all hits. The advantage of this is it gives the defensive players practice in relay throws, communication and teamwork. For the team batting it gives the kids the chance to run around the bases and make base running decisions.

As far as balls and strikes and outs are concerned get creative. You can call balls and strikes or play that the batter must hit the ball or play 3 pitches per batter.

One really good tip is to limit the time at-bat per team. This will give equal batting and fielding time to each team.

So use this simple drill the next time the youth baseball practice is suffering the baseball practice blues!


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