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How To Make a Survival Belt

Updated on August 28, 2010


I first learned of this concept about a year ago, and it instantly intriged me. I wanted to always be prepared with hundreds of feet of strong parachute cord at any time. I searched the internet for weeks trying to figure out how to make one. I found people who were willing to sell me one, but why buy what you can make. I finally found a close up picture of one that I thought looked cool, and it took me forever to figure out the braid, but I did, and I have perfected some super awesome survival belts.

Every belt takes at least 100 feet of paracord, and is extremely strong. I wear mine wherever I go. I also have made my watch band from parachute cord for an extra 10 feet or so. The cord can be purchased anywhere online at 10 bucks for 100 feet. you'll also need a belt buckle. Here are the instructions.

Step 1 First thing you'll want to do is lean the braid.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 Now that you've learned how to do the braid, let's double it, and put it on a belt buckle. you'll be making the braids side by side and intertwining them

Step 6

Step 7

Click image to Enlarge
Click image to Enlarge

Step 8

Click image to Enlarge
Click image to Enlarge


 Just continue this pattern of braid for a few hours.  I'm pretty quick at this braid, and it takes me about 4 hours to complete a belt.  I do it while I'm at work, because I talk on the phone all day for a job, and my hands need something to do.

Watch bands

Watches are simple enough and will give you a good ten feet or so of this valuable parachute cord.

This is basically what you come out with when your done ---------->

Watch Bands Step 1

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Step 2 and continue

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Belt Buckles to Buy


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Poor Instructions

    • profile image

      Susan knowles 

      2 years ago

      I love the belt. I want to make a total length of 46inch belt gor my grandson. One color though. How do I find out how to figure my cord lenght? Any help would be great. Thank you ahead of time.

    • profile image

      Michael Crooks 

      5 years ago

      If you want to ensure that you have the best paracord, ensure that it is 7 strand and that each strand has THREE yarns not two. Anything that says "commercial"(like what Rothco sells) is likely 7 strand- 2 yarn cord and not Military Spec 7 strand-3 yarn cord. In addition, to be true Mil-spec, one of the strands should be a different color than the other 6. Everyone will tell you they sell 7 strand cord. But most don't want to address whether it's 2 yarn or 3 yarn.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      How do you finish the belt, tie off so it looks nice

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It's known as the Cobra stitch. If you make sure to use the first strand as the top strand on both sides, you will get the final result as shown. This stitch looks almost the same from the front and the back. With lanyard plastic, the difference is more noticeable.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Why does your example picture look different than step 5-8?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm not understanding how your belt winds up with 2 colors the center knots on each braid being light green and the outside edges being dark green, if you are not using the center cords to knot with. How'd you do it???

    • J. McCoy profile image

      J. McCoy 

      7 years ago from CA (originally)

      This is one of the most useful hubs I've found lately. I like to take the smallest backpack that I can get away with on long backpacking trips. This is a great way to save a few more cubic inches and make my pack a few ounces lighter (hey, every bit counts). I'm definitely going to try making both. You got my 'useful' and vote up. I'll also be linking to it from my hub on survival kits.


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