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How To Pack Light For Backpacking Or Hiking

Updated on March 15, 2011


 Backpacking and hiking are activities enjoyed by people all over the world. You get to be in the great outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine as well as get needed exercise. One of the downsides to these activities is you have to pack all your stuff. Sometimes all that stuff can add up to alot of unecesary weight wich can be a drain on much needed energy for your trip. This burden can be eased by taking some steps to lighten your load. This article is written to help point out a few ideas that could help you make your load lighter.


Bringing unecesary items will only add to the weight. Only bringing what is needed for the trip will help reduce some of the weight. Some items make the trip easier or more enjoyable but if you are thinking about bringing something think about wheather you really need the item for the trip. If you don't think you will need it just leave it behind. Remember you will have to pack that item with you. Below are a few items to consider leaving.

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: Items such as radios, music players, video players, video games, laptops, and internet devices are probably not going to be necesary for a backpacking or hiking trip. There are a few eceptions to this on items such as a cell phone or a gps unit as they can be helpful on your trip. Another thing to keep in mind is electronics will need batteries, cd's, games, dvd's, accesories, ect that will add to the weight.

HAIR DRYER: You do not necesarily need a hairdryer out in the woods. It is a nice luxury but you can wait untill you get home to wash your hair. It will probably just get dirty again anyway.


 Pets are an enjoyable addition to a backpacking or hiking trip but you will also have to pack for them as well. If they are left behind you will not have to pack thier stuff. If you do decide to bring them try to stick with the basic needs such as food, water, leash, medicine, and waste clean up supplies. As for toys you could find stuff along the trail such as sticks for fetch or letting your pet explore. Pets can find plenty of entertainment in the woods without the need for toys.


 If it is legal in your area you could build a fire and cook over a fire instead of bringing a stove. You could roast food with a stick you find or use lightweight aluminum or titanium cookware. Doing this would eliminate the weight of a stove and fuel for the stove.


 Items made out of titanium or aluminum are going to be lighter than the same thing made from iron or steel. Try to get products made from aluminum or titanium as they will be the lightest. Titanium is the very lightest but it is also more expensive than aluminum. Getting smaller items such as a portable stove or a smaller tent will also reduce weight


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