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How To Pee in the Woods (a Girl's Guide)

Updated on October 2, 2009

Ladies, I've spent a lot of days and nights in the woods and one question women always ask me is, "What happens when you have to pee?"

I'm glad to answer this question. While it might seem obvious, there is actually an art to peeing in the woods if you are a woman. After all, unlike our male counterparts we cannot just "whip it out," right? Or can we?

Where to go. Leave No Trace principles specify that you must walk a minimum of 200 feet from water, camp and trails to deposit solid human waste. Standards are a bit more relaxed for going number one. Try to find a place where no one else will see you - a quiet nook or cranny where you can relax and get the most out of your outdoor experience.

What to bring. So you have a roll of toilet paper in your backpack that is hermetically sealed inside a Ziploc bag. But are you really going to drop your pack and dig for that roll every time nature calls? Probably not. Instead, make a mini-roll and stash it in a snack-sized Ziploc bag. Store this bag in a side pocket, fanny pack, or some other accessible place. That way, you can just grab and go whenever you're ready. Make sure you bring a second small Zippie. You'll find out why in a moment.

What to wear. For peeing in the woods, experience has taught me that running shorts with a built-in, breathable liner are the perfect garment. There is no reason to wear underwear in addition to this liner - in fact, that would only complicate things. Peeing in running shorts is super easy. It works well in a squatting position or standing with you pack on. Simply space your legs apart to prevent back-splash, shift the liner to one side, hold your toilet paper in your free hand and let 'er rip. Who says only men can pee standing up?!

Closing the deal. When you're finished, you have two choices. You can either dig a hole and bury your paper or pack it out. Leave No Trace dictates a proper "cathole" should be six to eight inches deep. Unless you have a pack trowel with you, this is a tall order. I would recommend using that second Ziploc bag to pack out your paper. It's easier for you and kinder to the environment.

In the end, every woman will develop her own strategy for tackling nature's call in the great outdoors. These tips will help you get started. Just remember to be safe, be respectful and have fun out there!



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    • profile image

      Helper 4 years ago

      When need pee indoor go in mans bathroom! Don't worry

      Every girl do this... :-)

    • profile image

      cloey 5 years ago

      Pissing standing up is not as easy as it seems I've tried it several times and it goes all over me. So I tried getting on my knees with my pants at my ankles knees spread shoulder length apart and using the pissing standing up technique and it work decent I still got a little on my legs though

    • profile image

      Lena-Mulberry 5 years ago

      I'm not brave enough to try to pee standing up. I have no doubt that for me it would just end up being an awful mess. I usually lean back against a tree. My niece likes the cartoons on the Roam the Woods facebook site because it makes it seem easy and she got a few ideas on how to go when the nearest toilet is not an option!

    • profile image

      coolcream262 5 years ago

      I was hiking in the woods once and to go really bad, so I tried to squat but got it all over my jeans looked like I peed myself. Thanks for your help

    • profile image

      PottyGal69 5 years ago

      I can pee like a man with a perfect aim AND arch. :P

    • profile image

      PottyGal69 5 years ago

      I can pee like a man with a perfect aim AND arch. :P

    • profile image

      Kellygirl59 5 years ago

      From time to time I have to pee outside. The biggest problem is the splatter getting your shoes and ankles wet.

      To prevent the splatter never pee on a hard surface. I use either low growing flowers to pee on or a clump of grass to pee into. TP is a must too.

    • profile image

      Ernesto 6 years ago

      U should make one on how to have sex in the woods... I mean when ur horney u kinda gotta do what u gotta do... End of story

    • epatera profile image

      epatera 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Loved this! We belong to a gun club where people bow hunt deer in the timber. Anyone who knows a bow hunter knows they love to use trail cams to track activity near the stand. I had to go realllllllyyyyyyy bad, so I was headed to the woods when I heard my husband said, "Watch out for the trail cams." Great - is there no place we can escape technology anymore!

    • profile image

      ron 6 years ago

      so what should I do for the constipated women.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      what if a women is costipated in woods what should I do without an enama. should use my hand to pull her poop out or use a stick.

    • profile image

      Peepeegirl 6 years ago

      I've peed in my backyard before but never camping my boyfriend and me are going camping this conning summer this will really help me.

    • profile image

      Crystal 7 years ago

      Try a female urination funnel if you prefer zip or button flies. They're light weight and plastic and have their own little carrying bag to keep the rest of your gear clean.

    • Bmystic57 profile image

      Bmystic57 8 years ago from Sheldon,Tx

      use to know a girl who could pee over a 6' fence

      when you gotta go just go

      A little common sense can go along ways here?

    • MikeNV profile image

      MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

      Cute. How to pee in the woods. Hadn't thought about this actually. Guess that is one of the benefits of being a guy. Shake shake shake and move on :P

    • Drifter0658 profile image

      Drifter0658 8 years ago from Carlisle

      How did I end up here? I dunno, but I found it interesting at any rate. I imagine the advice was very sound.

      After all that, I'm glad to be an owner of a "handy picnic tool."