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How To Place a Trail Camera?

Updated on April 12, 2013

The use of trail cameras enables hunters to scout out deer trails to make their hunts more successful. They can also be used for capturing wildlife for other purposes. However, if you do not place these cameras properly they will turn out poor results.

Scout out the area you want to place your trail camera. You need to get a feel for where to place the camera. It should be a spot where no obstacles are in the way of the viewfinder for one thing. If you are scouting a deer trail, look for signs the deer have been there recently.

You should not position your camera where the sun would hit directly on it. This could cause sunspots that would adversely affect your images. Face trail cameras to the north to avoid this from happening.

The tree that you place the camera of should have full view of the area. Position your camera 45-degree angle to this area or trail. This allows the camera to have a broader view range.

On top of positioning the camera correctly, the right modes need to be used for what you are trying to achieve. Some modes may work better than other modes for the particular information you need to learn. For instance, the time-lapse mode may be ideal not only for discovering the deer, but also to know what direction they travel.

Covert Spec Ops Camera

Make sure your camera has enough memory for the resolution you are setting it. If you have it set on high resolution, you may fill up the memory before you get back to download the information. If you are setting the camera up to let it be for weeks at a time, high resolution would not be the right setting for it. A lower resolution will make the best use of the memory available.

Now, along with positioning and setting the trail cameras in the most effective manner. You may want to secure your camera in the most secure way possible. Unscrupulous people have at times, taken off with other people's cameras. You cannot totally prevent this from happening, but you can make it more difficult.

The trail cameras will provide you with invaluable information, but only when they are positioned and set up correctly. Use the above information to understand the right way to do just this. You want the best results from your efforts of capturing images of your intended subjects.


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