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How To Play Baseball Correctly

Updated on May 20, 2008

Play the game of baseball like the score is nothing nothing. Always give 100% when you play baseball. I hate to see the pros not run out a ground ball or routine fly ball. However, it's a great learning experience to the young kids to show examples of pros who don't run out a ground ball or routine fly ball that ends up being an out because they didn't hustle. To play baseball correctly means to give your all - 100% of the time.

When losing by a large margin encourage your teammates to stay focused and give their all. It's very easy to lose concentration and give up when you're trailing by 8 runs. But staying focused and keeping your teammates minds on the game is another way you play baseball correctly.

Never scream at a player for making an error or striking out. Even when you play baseball correctly you make an out 70% of the time. So always stay positive; provide some baseball tips and/or encouraging words to boost the confidence of your teammates. Now that's what playing baseball correctly is all about!

When the game is over always remember sportsmanship. Shake the opponents hands and keep positive with your teammates. And always, always remember to keep your head up. And you know why?

Because you have just demonstrated that you know how to play baseball correctly. Be proud of it!!!!


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