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Girls' Lacrosse Gear

Updated on May 25, 2015


Before, you play, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

Gear is a big part of any sport, and you need to make sure you have the right gear! Unlike boys' lacrosse, girls do not need as much equipment and protection.

Lacrosse Stick

Your firearm, your weapon, your cannon. Whatever you want to call it, a lacrosse stick may just be the most important piece of gear in lacrosse. A player can be defined by her stick. With color options and style options you can tell what generic type of player something is much as you can look at a person based on their shoes and make guesses about them. But for now, let's focus on all that is required for lacrosse sticks. Regulatory lacrosse sticks must be made of the following materials: composite, metal alloy (handle/shaft), rubber, wood, gut, leather, fiberglass, nylon, plastic and any other synthetic material (head) and metal screws can be used to attach the head to the shaft. The head of the lacrosse stick should be strung with four or five horizontal leather strings and 8-12 cross-lacing strings. Also, no more than two shooting strings are allowed. Customize your lacrosse stick however you want it and totally make it your own!

Goggles/Eye Protection

The eye protection does not have to be exactly "goggles" really. But they do have to meet up the the girls' lacrosse eye protection standards. To make sure you have eye protection that fits the qualifications, you can look for eye protection that is especially made for girls' lacrosse. Most sports stores, such as Sports Authorities, have this type of gear for even upcoming sports like lacrosse.

Mouth Guard/Mouthpiece

The mouth guard or mouthpiece has to be professionally manufactured of course. No homemade mouthpieces. The mouthpiece can be any color except for clear or white (so that the refs can easily tell if you have one in your mouth or not). The mouth guard should protect the biting surfaces and the teeth and supporting structures.

Tip: An important part of buying a mouthpiece is to make sure that it fits right. A tip for getting the perfect mouth guard fit is using your online resources. Here is a link I found: Fit a Mouth Guard.

Skirt/Whole Uniform

All field players must wear identical jerseys of a single solid color. Most high school girls' lacrosse teams pair jerseys with a skirt. However, some other teams, pair jerseys with shorts. Keep in mind that the skirts/shorts and jerseys must be the same solid color. An exception to that is that lights and darks can be mixed with the uniform combos (i.e. light purple jersey with dark purple skirt/shorts and dark purple jersey with light purple skirt/shorts). All players must also have her number on the front and back of the jersey with a number from 0-99 (beginning with the 2017-2018 year numbers such as 00, 01, 02, 03 through 09 are not allowed).


Usually, players either wear their team colors or any colors. It all just depends on the team's preference. (Usually Nike or Adrenaline brands are good for buying socks)

Girls' Lacrosse Cleats
Girls' Lacrosse Cleats


The cleats players need most be composition or rubber soled shoes. No metal/baseball spikes are allowed. Plastic, leather, or rubber cleat-studs can be worn. Boys usually wear football cleats or cleats made specially for lacrosse. Girls however, can wear different cleats. Such as the cleats that are worn for soccer.

Boy's Lacrosse Cleats
Boy's Lacrosse Cleats


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    • lightningwear profile image

      Billy Packard 

      3 years ago from Maryland USA

      Dont forget the cool pinnies. Great post


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