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How To Punch Harder - Expert Tips

Updated on October 8, 2010

Basic Theories To Punching Hard

Whether you’re preparing for a boxing match, getting ready to trade blows on the street, or want to brush up on your Kimbo Slice impersonation, learning to punch hard (and correctly) is an often overlooked component of fisticuffs. So before you make a fool of yourself, read the guide below.

  1. Use Power, Not Speed - Power is a combination of speed and your weight behind it (this is obviously not the principle you learned in physics class, so put the textbooks away for now).
  2. Use Your Whole Body - The focus is not on moving your whole body a great distance, but rather to move it at the same time. Try to put your entire body weight behind every punch.
  3. Use Your Legs - The biggest muscles in your body will generate the most power (Sorry fellas, not THAT muscle). Your legs generate more power for your punches than your arms do.
  4. Don't Over-Extend - Your punch is hardest when they don't land with your arms fully straightened-out.
  5. Punch At Angles - Punching from different angles will give your punches more power, more punching opportunities, and more damage on your opponent (Think of UFC”s Chuck Liddell in his heyday)

Think you got those principles down? Good. Now that you understand the basic theories, let’s start with focusing on your body one part at a time…

Flow Of Energy

Your body works through a system known as the kinetic chain (interrelations in your nervous, muscular, and skeletal system), and punching is no different. The punch travels from energy that’s generated from the ground and transferred through your fist. If one part of the body is lazy or feels uninvolved, you need to train harder to make that part of your body an active component in the punch. Either that, or getting made fun of behind your back.


Stand with your feet spread shoulder width or wider with the back foot heel lifted. When punching, pivot your foot in the direction of the punch. When you throw a right handed punch, the right heel is lifted while the left foot is flat; the opposite is true when you throw a punch from the left hand. Your feet will pivot back and forth during combinations. Your feet never leave the ground when you throw a power punch. (This rule can be broken LATER once you learn how to throwing pivoting punches.)


Bend your knees and drop your bodyweight as you punch, forcing the the knees to bend slightly.


Spin them in the direction of your punches.


Your torso will rotate whipping your arms out from your shoulders.A full rotation with short arm extension hits harder than a small rotation with full arm extension. Don't lean forward. Don't try to reach forward, just rotate instead!


Your shoulders are generally loose during the punch but raise your shoulders up during the punches to get those muscles involved in the punch. This also protects you from counter-punches.


Your arms start relaxed. As the punch is thrown, your arms spring out towards your opponent extending just enough to hit your opponent.


Your hands are relaxed when you are not punching. You can make a loose fist but don't clench it. You tighten that loose hand into a tight fist before it hits your opponent. Your turn your fist over (horizontal) for straight punches, but your fist can stay vertical when you swing a left hook to the body or throwing pivot left hooks.


Exhale while punching. Your eyes are 100% alert. You watch the target as you hit it. Your chin is tucked down a little so that it's covered a bit by the shoulder on your punching arm.

Want to learn more punching tips on punching harder or some drills for build your punching power? Visit


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    • profile image

      Har 6 years ago

      The lower body stuff helps the most.

    • profile image

      Jackson 7 years ago

      Wow. Great tips! I can punch so much harder now!