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How To Record a Pinch Hitter in a Baseball Scorebook

Updated on May 8, 2012

How To Record a Pinch Hitter in a Baseball Scorecard

A pinch hitter is the term used for a substitute batter. The pinch hitter may stay in the game but the former batter cannot reenter the game. Pinch Hitters are credited with a game played. They can be replaced by a runner (pinch runner) if they are successful in getting on base.

To record a pinch hitter in the baseball scorecard simply enter the players name in the line below the player he is replacing. Add the letters "PH" for Pinch Hitter as the position. Draw an easily identifiable line after the last inning the player batted.

Now, if the hitter gets lifted for a pinch hitter with less than two strikes he is not the official "batter of record" and the partial at-bat is expunged from the records. The Pinch Hitter is now the batter of record.

If the original hitter was replaced by a pinch hitter with two strikes, and the pinch hitter eventually strikes out in that at-bat, the original hitter is charged with the strikeout.

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If a pinch hitter is ANNOUNCED into a game and gets substituted for, by another player, before he takes a pitch, the player is officially part of the game and cannot reenter the game. In this situation enter the player into the lineup in the baseball scorebook.

This situation occurs late in a ballgame when the managers are making tactical moves to protect a lead or scratch out a run. A manager will send in a pinch hitter to take advantage of the righty/lefty pitching matchup. Managers react to this move by bringing in a new pitcher. And sometimes the other manager will go so far as to replace the pinch hitter. It's a cat and mouse game.

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