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How To Remember This Summer

Updated on June 10, 2012

What does no school, longer nights, warm weather, and extended freedoms add up to? It's one equation that students will answer correctly every time; the answer is summer, of course, and for most summer means one more thing: plenty of opportunities for the most memorable of experiences. Recording these experiences in some way will ensure you remember them forever.

As you go throughout this summer, you're sure to do things that you're certain you'll always remember. After all, summer is the time of year you have the most fun, right? Unfortunately, without documenting your summer in some way, your memory isn't going to be as detailed as you would hope.

Research shows that your strongest memories correlate with how strong your emotions were at the time, not necessarily with how much fun you were having. Think of the first date you had with a serious girlfriend or boyfriend. It's likely you remember this date much more vividly than your ninth, tenth, or twentieth date; not because you had less fun on your twentieth date, but because stronger emotions (nervousness, excitement) make the first date stand out more. The same principle applies to your summer. You may be having the time of your life but 'fun' is not a measure of emotion and the details of your memory may slip away more than you'd like. That's where recording your summer comes in.

Record Your Summer

While recording your summer may take a little extra effort, the work is worth it. You'll thank yourself years from now when you take a trip down memory lane. Here's several ways to make sure you remember this summer:

  1. Do something. No matter what angle you come from, it'll be difficult to make sitting on your couch all summer a memory worth recording. Make this summer one worth remembering. If you and your friends are stuck on what to do tonight, check out this list of 44 Things To Do This Summer.
  2. Write. Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to remember something for years and years. After a particularly fun night, open a journal and write everything about it. Write what you did, who you were with, and how you felt. Writing your memories guarantees that the little details don't escape forever. Writing has another advantage: the 'brainstorming effect'. As you record your night, it's more than likely that as you write about what you did, other ideas of what to do this summer will come to you. Write those ideas down and then do them! If you hate hand-writing, try keeping a blog.
  3. A picture says a thousand words. Have a camera with you every where you go this summer, both for still pictures and to record video. Take pictures of scenery, of the people you're with, and any other things that will remind you of the great time you had. That's the great thing about pictures: they act as triggers. As you look through your photographs, you'll find yourself saying "Oh! That reminds me of when...". The more photos you take this summer, the more grateful you'll be. Make sure you store these pictures on your computer or a flash drive. You'd hate to lose them!
  4. Publish and share. This is where recording your summer can become most rewarding. Take the pictures and videos you've recorded this summer and turn it into a DVD to be shared with friends and family who were involved. Add in a couple of favorite summer songs as background music and maybe a few thoughts from that journal you've been keeping. The finished work will be something you cherish forever and will watch time and time again. Windows Movie Maker is a simple but effective program to make your DVD.

If you've got a great summer memory, picture, or video you'd like to share make sure to comment below! To make this summer even more successful, read these other tips on how to have a fun summer.


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