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How To Remold A Mouth Guard

Updated on October 1, 2011

One of the important stuffs or tools used by the participants in different contact sports is a mouth guard. This is one of the basic requirements and essentials when engaging in a sport that requires contact with each other.

A mouth guard is an object that will protect the teeth, gums and lips of the participant from the possible painful injuries caused by violent contact. As it attempts to protect your oral cavity from injuries, mouth guard also serves to protect you from trauma and other strain that you might obtain while playing. Whether you play out running over the football field, or boxing with your opponent, or sparring with your sport mate, a mouth guard is indeed an indispensable one. 

A mouth guard is widely available different store outlets. You can go for a customized mouth guard when you know a specialist. But you don’t have to worry because you can remold your mouth guard to make the utmost fit while using. Although some athletes do not like wearing a mouth guard because of the comfort issues, but there are other people who like using it. If you happen to have bought a mouth guard that doesn’t properly fit yours and you wish to remold it, here are the steps on how you can properly remold a mouth guard and get the utmost comfort while providing safety.

In remolding a mouth guard, you need to boil a pot of water. Once the water is already boiling, drop in the mouth guard and start the timing. Let it simmer for about 30 seconds before removing it. This is the standard time that you need to follow otherwise your mouth guard will not be pliable enough if it is boiled less than the desired time. Sometimes, when you have exceeded the boiling time, you will find your mouth guard melting already. Therefore, you need to watch out and do the proper timing.

While awaiting the time, get a cup of water then fill it with cold water.  You need to dip in the mouth guard after boiling. When you have reached 30 seconds boiling time, carefully remove the mouth guard from the boiling water. You can use tongs in removing the mouth guard. Place it inside the cup with cold water of not more than 5 seconds. The purpose of dipping the mouth guard to a glass of cold water is to stabilize the temperature to a tolerable level.

After 5 seconds, you need to promptly remove the mouth guard from the glass of cold water then quickly fit in and place to your mouth. You will feel that the plastic portion of the mouth guard is still warm but tolerable. Once you have placed it into your mouth, bite down for about a minute to remold the mouth guard according to the shape of your teeth and mouth. You will feel the mouth guard gradually cooling as it takes the shape of your mouth. After a minute, remove the remolded mouth guard from your mouth then dip again into a glass of cold water to allow complete cooling for about five minutes. There you have your remolded mouth guard.

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      Morgan Stevens 5 years ago

      This really works. Thanks soo much!