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How To Score Baseball: Teach Your Kids At a Minor League Game

Updated on July 20, 2012

Summertime Is Baseball Time

Summertime in the USA means Baseball season is in full swing. One of the easiest ways to teach kids how to score baseball is to attend a game, buy a baseball game scorecard and keep score with the kids. In fact, taking your kids to a minor league baseball game is a great way to spend some family time and to learn how to score baseball.

Why a Minor League Baseball Game?

In all the minor league baseball parks across America the focus is on the family experience. Most minor league parks provide entertainment specifically for kids via funny skits, audience participation, raffles and even having moonwalks and inflatables available for the kids to jump around in if they get bored.

The minor league venue provides you the opportunity to teach folks how to score baseball because the game provides a focus and a real life example to apply the skill. Other reasons why a minor league baseball game is a great way to learn how to keep score in baseball is that tickets are inexpensive, they are close to home and there usually isn't the traffic problem that plagues most big league parks. Minor league baseball provides real family entertainment and an opportunity to learn how to score a baseball game.

Introducing Kids To Baseball Scoring

Taking kids to a minor league game is a great way to teach kids about baseball because kids can learn while watching. On the way into the ballpark buy an scorecard and have the kids fill out the game details: Date, Time, Visiting Team, Home Team, Stadium Name and Weather conditions.

Next, go through setting up the Visiting and Home Team lineup, including the players names, uniform numbers and playing position. This is also a good opportunity to introduce the kids the defensive alignment and the defensive position number assignments (1 = pitcher, 2 = catcher, etc.)

Now that you've setup the scorecard you can walk your kids through a few at-bats. Don't force it on them, when they have had enough don't press it. Let them have fun with the baseball experience.

Minor League Game Tip

One recommendation I have about attending minor league baseball and learning how to score a baseball game is to attend a night game or a day game when it it isn't hot and humid. The last thing you want to do is to have your kids associate the experience of attending their fist baseball game with being uncomfortable. Attending night games can be magical - with the smells, sights and sounds of a baseball game.

So there you have it folks, attending a minor league baseball game is a great way to teach kids about baseball and have a true family experience.

Enjoy the game!


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