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How to select your disc golf discs

Updated on November 14, 2015

Disc golf questions

If you read any of the disc golf discussions, one of the most talked about subjects from newer players is, what disc do I use for ______. Fill in the blank for all types of shots. What is the right disc for a particular type of shot, and the best disc for players in different stages of development is not a cut and dry answer.

For every question, there are no right or wrong answers, because everyone is not the same. Player are all in different stages of development. What works right for me, may not work for you. There are some basics that are universal, but once you start it is mostly something you need to find on your own, based on what you have learned and what works for you. We'll talk about some guidelines on where to start and how to decide when to move up, and when you move up, where do you go to get the best disc golf discs for you.

Discraft Ringer
Discraft Ringer

My Flight Guide

I have put together a flight guide to help you make the right choices by combining all the information that is available on other flight guides. It's all in one place, so you can compare what one says against the other, and see how they differ, and how they are the same. I combined Marshal street, Joes, and Innova, into one. Here is the flight guide.

Here is how to use the guide.

Row 1: Disc Manufacture

Row 2: Type of disc

Row 3: Name of disc

Row 4: Marshal Street Flight Guide location. Ex. 6B- -. This means the disc is a 6 speed, B column, - - means 2 squares to the right of B.

Row 5: The Discraft stability rating.

Row 6: Disc Golf Center rating on ease of throwing the disc properly.

Rows 7 - 10: The Innova disc rating system.

Rows 11 - 13: Data from Joes Flight Chart at Gotta Go Gotta Throw.

Row 14: Is the disc still in production?

Row 15: Misc information about the disc.

Row 16: Type of plastic the disc is make in.

Disc golf book

Great disc golf book available to lead you through disc golf from a newbie to a veteran. How to play and how to play better.

You can click on a column, such as G, to sort discs by Innova speed rating. Then click on tools on top row, pick sort up or down depending on how you want it sorted. If you want a speed 8 disc, go down to speed 8, look at all speed 8 discs and compare the other data to determine the disc you want.

You can also go to the view tab and click on the list view. Pick the column that you want to compare, click the drop down box and select the number that you want to compare. It will show you only the discs in the number that you want to compare.

If you go to the bottom of the sheet, click on sheet 2,  you will find links to the other flight guides and an explanation of what the numbers mean.

How to pick disc golf discs for you

If you are a new player, there is a wide range of opinions on what is the best starting discs. Everyone will agree that if your just starting out, you want to start with easier to throw and easier to control disc golf discs. Don't run out and buy the latest greatest disc on the market read choosing your first discs.

All the hot discs that the pro's are using will not be good for you. Once you learn the techniques for throwing, the proper grip, the footwork, and the right putting techniques, you will want to move up to the faster longer discs. This sport is easy to learn, but takes lots of practice to master.

When starting out, go to the Marshall street flight guide, look at the discs in the lower right corner, from speed 3 and lower, and in the C,D, E columns. Pick a few discs that you think you want to try. Go back to my flight guide and look up the ones you picked, compare the rest of the data on the guide. Make sure you understand what all the data means and how it relates to the flight of the disc. Narrow down to a couple of discs and try them.

Once you master those discs, you can start to move up the chart. Stay on the right side of C. choose some discs in the 4 and 5 ranges next. Then go up to the faster ones when you master the 4 and 5 discs. Only then should you move over to the other side of the chart. By that time you will understand the characteristics of the discs, and how the disc needs to be thrown to make it perform properly.

Even after you are experienced, this flight guide will be very useful to help you decide what discs you want, and make it easier by having all the information in one place. To stay on top of all disc golf news and information check out Disc golf news.

Good Disc Golf Tutorial


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      Sean Elliot  8 years ago

      Being a golfer myself, I'd like to learn this game. Anyone know of any clubs or organizations for beginners to get started?