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How Tyler Seguin has Met the Expectations of his Draft Status

Updated on July 22, 2014

Tyler Seguin 2014

Tyler Seguin is becoming one of the top NHL stars in the Western Conference.
Tyler Seguin is becoming one of the top NHL stars in the Western Conference. | Source

Drafted 2nd overall in 2010

The road to becoming an NHL star has not been an easy one for Tyler Seguin after being drafted by a quality team with a strong core in place. Seguin was taken with the second overall pick in the 2010 draft that the Bruins received from Toronto in return for goal scoring winger Phil Kessel. This was significant because Seguin ultimately followed closely in the foot steps of Kessel's career as a Bruin when he was traded to Dallas after the 2012-13 NHL season. Seguin's road to stardom was not going to be smooth in Boston from the very beginning because they were a team that played for each other rather than for individual glory. Since Seguin was hyped as a superstar in the making, he did not fit the role of the selfless player Boston wanted on their roster. Boston's strong team atmosphere led to them winning a Stanley Cup in Seguin's rookie season without much contribution from him, but in his second season for the Bruins he did become one of their leading goal scorers with 29 goals and 67 total points. The trade to Dallas is what has enabled Seguin to become the man for an NHL franchise, and as the go to guy he is living up to the hype that made him a second overall draft pick.

An individual star in a team first atmosphere

The Bruins winning the Stanley Cup in Seguin's first year without him being much of a contributor, left the star winger fighting to find his role with the team. In Seguin's second season he was able to find his role with the Bruins as one of their star players, but the team did not see as much success with him in that role. While Seguin did create many scoring chances on the lines he played on in Boston, the way he played the game did not match the toughness put on display by his teammates. With a very balanced scoring attack that scores gritty goals, Tyler Seguin had trouble finding a way to be the primary offensive threat for the Bruins that he wanted to be. Boston's star players in recent years have been great because they are willing to do whatever it takes to help their team win. For Seguin it has always been about using his flashy skillset to create quality scoring chances for himself. As a player who creates offensive chances, Seguin was able to collect a significant number of assists in Boston when he played on the same line as gritty players who knew how to finish in front of the net. Ultimately it came down to a decision of whether the Bruins would be better with or without Seguin and they decided to move him to a different atmosphere in Dallas where his skills could be better put on display.

Living up to the draft status with the Stars

Seguin's flashy skillset was something that was going to allow him to have success in the NHL when he matured enough to convert his potential into production. With the Dallas Stars in his first season there, he found that their team was open to be led by an individual star player. Seguin quickly became the Stars best offensive player and was the go to guy for his teammates in the offensive zone. This new role on a team that really needed his skillset allowed him to capitalize in his first season in Dallas with the best production in his young career to this date. In 80 games played he was able to score 37 goals along with distributing the puck for 47 assists which gave him more than a point per game on average with 84 total points. The maturity shown by Seguin in his first season in Dallas made him a great fit for the Stars as his skills were put into the ideal situation and he was able to deliver. In Boston Seguin was asked to be a role player which did not fit his personality very well. His effort and commitment may have been lacking at times as a result of not being comfortable in the role he was given on a great team. In Dallas, things changed for the better as Seguin was asked to be the star of a team that was trying to make a return to where they once were. The moved worked out well for both the Dallas Stars and Tyler Seguin as the change of scenery had the desired effect on his productivity.


While the Bruins decision to move Seguin may have been confusing to some of the fans, it has worked out for the best for both parties involved. Seguin now gets to be the man for the Dallas Stars and his skillset as an NHL superstar is put on display. The Bruins are now able to move on from having to deal with a player that is not fully committed with being well compensated in the Tyler Seguin trade. Dallas is now able to build around the star that Seguin is becoming and Seguin is pushed to mature as he assumes a leadership role in Dallas. The productivity and offensive creativity that Seguin is now putting on display in Dallas is what has allowed him to finally live up to the potential his draft status suggested that he had. In the coming years it will be interesting to follow what Seguin is able to do as a top line scorer for the Stars in their return to the top of the Western Conference standings.


Tyler Seguin

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