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Tips for Fishing Mossy Creek

Updated on January 13, 2017

"Mossy" has a reputation for being fished on the premiss of this question: Is it a myth or a legend?

It is a world-renowned stream that attracts many enthusiast to challenge their angling skills. Getting a trophy out of Mossy Creek empowers an angler with bragging rights for a lifetime.

Where Trout Dreams Await

Yup, not what most would call paradise. But few will walk through and find one lovely brick road. It's not called Emerald City for nothing.
Yup, not what most would call paradise. But few will walk through and find one lovely brick road. It's not called Emerald City for nothing.

Dreams of Browns and Rainbows

This stream is not considered for beginners because of the terrain and the population of people the fish will see. Other than a few other reasons to be discussed and contrary to popular belief, the fish are like every other trout out there. The consistent appearance, of challenged fly presentations on a very small stretch play largely to what keeps them skittish.

Most Virginia fly-fisherman have heard about this spring fed creek with an enticing creel limit of one fish: 20 inches or more. Within two hours, 7 to 11 will fish different parts of public waters. Weekdays have less than other days and each are seeking monster browns. Though human populations are reasonable versus, say, Salmon River, enough human activity trains these Mossy trout to keep at bay. This leaves untouched trophy fish found in schooling groups of three to four in public waters. The fish are definitely there.

In conjunction, the ecosystem within and around this stream puts the odds in fish's favor. This is why anglers fish. All lakes, streams and rivers attract fisherman because they all are rubrics cubes of nature's own design. The vegetation and temperature of Mossy Creek are the elements that make its puzzle unique.

These factors make Mossy trout seemingly lazy. The water temperature around 50 - 63 degrees remain so throughout the winter. This allows vegetation to be seen all year around. Vegetation will keep nymphs and other aquatic creatures active through four seasons. This unique vegetation will also increase the existing number of food sources compared to typical streams. Because of this, young Mossy Creek trout grow fast. This can make enticing them with a fly nearly impossible: their food sources are great options.

Though different from the landscape above, snow can be a great time to fish Mossy when many are waiting at home to.
Though different from the landscape above, snow can be a great time to fish Mossy when many are waiting at home to. | Source

The Trick To It


First, don’t be misguided. The accessible water is not for fishing everyday. This is not intended to kill any type of lofty dreams.

Because of the factor that these trout recognize people, it is of utmost importance to actually spot fish before committing to casting. When the temperatures above water are at least 41 F, there will definitely be an occurring hatch here. Some reasonable activity will then appear even in winter. If fish are hard to spot, then Mossy’s public waters may not be worth a day of fishing. It’s easy for Mossy’s public waters to turn an angler’s trophy dreams into pure delusion. Yet, there are times when the angler does spot fish on a casual stroll alongside this Virginia country stream.

As mentioned above, the objective is to first see these trout. The water will be clear when large trout can be found swimming. When the water is emerald green, rises to the surface will only hint to active rainbows and browns below. A fish can also be spotted after chasing a luring fly but this is not an ideal indication. Public water fish that chase a fly but doesn’t strike is not likely to be fool with another cast. The angler may also have committed himself to inactive fish.

These fish do not come back to the same lure once they are spooked. If they can first be spotted in precasting, the likelihood that they are active is good. It would mean that for one reason or another, they don't feel prey to the angler’s shadow. They then stick around long enough for the angler to decide the right fly pattern or strategy.

In Inches

What's Your Biggest Catch at Mossy?

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The Methods


Catching active fish in public waters require the angler to cast out of sight. Though fish that see the fly-fisherman may not attempt an escape, they are less likely to fully take a fly if a fisherman accompanies it. Once they have spotted an angler, their instincts will tell them something is wrong. Only suspicious trout chase a fly and then stop moments before taking the free meal. Anglers close to landing their Mossy trophy will find this situation common. They also, usually, do not find the remedy. Cast and fish out of sight.

If the fish are still present after poor casting, the angler must walk away to refresh the fish’s perspective. When the angler returns, that would require a new fly at best.

Mossy is a beautiful stream, but don’t put your eggs all in its basket. Some days are great for spotting active fish and some days are not. When these fish are spotted and active, the angler must still stay out of sight.


The name Mossy Creek doesn't derive from nothing. In the channel and along the banks of this stream are clusters of moss. This stream has gotten the nickname "Emerald City" because of it. It grows year round and will have to be avoided when attempting to drift within the main channel.

When drifting in the main channel, the moss will undoubtably alter presentation. The angler will have to try many different approaches based on the section being fished. There are no hard rules but high sticking will help. Either way, be aware that presentation will be degraded if the vegetation is not taken into account.


Be sure to consider where a fish can be easily landed before fishing. The terrain alongside the bank is not welcoming. It will consist of places no man can stand and cliffs so high that fish will be impossible to land. Before fishing any section, ascertain the location that a fish can be landed at.


Check out and ask them about streamers and flies. Nymphs work well also, but streamers and dries have given me tremendous success.

Be sure to stop by this article again as images of Mossy trout will be updated. There are past pictures of trophy trout but the current images are the most recent catch. Enjoy!

One of 15 + caught within a 4hr day at Mossy

Thanks For Reading. ...

Mossy Creek and Kyles Mill Rd:
Mossy Creek Road & Kyles Mill Road, Mount Solon, VA 22843, USA

get directions

Be sure to have the free property owner's liscene.


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