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How to Beat the Disney Parks Blues

Updated on July 10, 2017

It's been 231 days since my fiance and I last left Walt Disney World, and there are still 205 days until we arrive at Disneyland for our honeymoon (not that anyone is counting). Bookended as we are between visits to the mouse, some days slogging through mundane reality are much more challenging than others. What do you do when your last walk down Main Street USA was so long ago that you can barely remember the smell of the freshly baked Mickey-shaped cookies? Below are some of my most-used strategies for beating the Disney blues.

Watch In-Park Videos of Your Favorite Attractions

One thing that we made sure to catch on every morning we visited The Magic Kingdom was the delightfully charming Welcome Show, and I am so glad that we did since this particular version was retired just two short months after we left! As any Disney veteran knows, arriving at the parks for "rope drop" (lining up at the turnstiles before the park officially opens) is crucial to efficient park touring, and there is nothing that got us more amped to start the day than the promise of seeing the Mayor of Main Street, Snow White, Pluto, Goofy, and (of course) Mr. Mickey Mouse himself welcoming us to the Magic Kingdom. For other outstanding videos that might bring a little Disney magic to your otherwise dreary day, search YouTube for "Wishes" or "Walt Disney World vacation planning video", and you can never go wrong with any of the ride-through videos uploaded by UndercoverTourist.


Hang Out on Disney Parks Websites

My personal favorite websites for Disney trip-planning or daydreaming are DisneyTouristBlog, EasyWDW, and the Walt Disney World and Disneyland subs on Reddit, but there are countless numbers of Disney Parks websites out there for discussion, picture-sharing, travel tips, meal planning, trip reports, you name it! One great way to utilize these sites that has really helped me on days when I'm especially missing Mickey is to start planning our next trip, no matter how far away (or completely fictional, as is likely in the case of the trip I planned for us to visit Shanghai Disney) that trip may be.


Shop for Disney Parks Merchandise

Whether you're looking for vintage on eBay, custom-made on Etsy, or shiny and new from the official store, the only thing more plentiful than Disney Parks websites is Disney Parks merchandise! I've also gone a little Disney crazy lately with the release of the new Disney-themed LuLaRoe leggings and the plethora of Disney merch on Hot Topic's website, which is almost always having a sale of 20% off or better.


Make Your Own Dole Whip

Is there any treat more evocative of a Disney Parks vacation than a creamy, tangy, refreshing Dole Whip? No matter how far you may be from Adventureland, you can enjoy one of these iconic tropical delights today and they are easier to make than you might imagine! Put four cups of frozen pineapple and one cup of coconut milk in a food processor and blend until smooth for a taste sensation that will have you dreaming of jungle cruises and enchanted singing birds.


Stimulate Your Senses

To add a little touch of Disney to your everyday routine, Joffrey's Coffee (the official coffee of Walt Disney World and Disneyland) provides an extensive line of Disney-themed coffees to make your morning as magical as possible. When nothing else will do but the all powerful scent-memory, Spireside Candles has your back with nearly 30 Disney Parks candles to fill your home with the unmistakable smells of all your favorite restaurants, hotels, and attractions including Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and Haunted Mansion.

How do you beat the Disney blues?

Comment below with the tips and tricks you use to bring a little Disney magic into your life when you're missing Mickey!


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