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How to Carry Concealed

Updated on January 4, 2015

Reasons to Decide to Learn How to Carry Concealed Legally

Not everyone bothers to get a concealed carry license, which unless you are in a state that does not require a license, is not a smart idea. There is too much to lose to risk not learning how to carry concealed legally.

It is a felony if you are caught carrying a gun illegally. That means that not only can you be sent to jail if you are convicted, you will also lose the right to carry for the rest of your life. It just doesn’t make sense, particularly when for most law-abiding citizens it is a fairly simple matter to get a permit to carry concealed legally.

The reasons people decide to carry a concealed weapon vary, but for most people the primary reason is for self-defense. We have the right to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property. By carrying a weapon we increase our ability to do that; we are empowered and have some sense of being able to control the outcome if we have a gun.

For some people, the intention to protect extends beyond their own families. The philosophy is that the more people who legally carry concealed weapons the safer the world will be because the “bad guys” won’t know who is carrying and therefore will be less eager to pull out their own weapons.

There are also individuals who choose to carry primarily as a political statement. They believe that it is important to exercise their right to carry even if they do not believe they will personally ever need to brandish their weapon.

No matter what the motivation, it is important to learn how to carry concealed legally in order to keep your rights intact. Don’t find yourself in the position of being labeled as one of the “bad guys” and risk losing your right to carry for life.

Silenced Glock 21

Concealed Carry League

Yes, there are many different kinds of clubs and competitions that a gun owner can enter into, but is there a Concealed Carry League near you? It would be pretty awesome if there was, because a league is a different kind of beast. If it’s run correctly, you would be able to run through different real life kinds of situations and be able to practice using your concealed weapon. There is nothing like getting a chance to practice in a safe environment so that you will be ready if and when an actual violent situation should ever occur.

What would you give in order to feel the confidence of being as prepared as possible to use your weapon? This is the question that occurred to Marc Dubis of New Albany, Ohio. As discussed in this article on by Sharon Roche, leagues are the way to go!

Concealed Carry Leagues

As Marc Dubis says:

“In real life, you may be sitting in a chair in your home, sitting in your car or truck or working in your backyard when suddenly, criminals put the “wrench in the wheel!” You’re caught off guard and have to act to save your life or your family. Threats can come at any time or at any place, and the CCW League attempts to emulate real life situations as much as possible.” (More concealed carry league info here:

The league that Dubis runs comes complete with fog, sirens, low light situations and even having to use a ‘surprise’ model of gun. This practice really helps to help users to learn to think on their feet and react quickly. These are skills that can mean the difference between life and death. They are important and essential when it comes to really and truly being prepared.

Participants can join the Concealed Carry league outright or can simply come for a week or so to see if they like it. It runs for a set number of weeks and then ends with a banquet. The model is really inspiring and will hopefully be picked up by more cities and states going forward. Look for a league in your area, you just might get lucky!

Want to Know More about How to Carry Concealed?

Are you concerned about self-defense? Are you planning to obtain a concealed carry license within the next 12 months?

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Learning How to Spot Cover and Get Behind it Fast

Modern day self-defense with firearms is nothing like what you see cowboys doing in westerns, often facing off in an empty street with their hands by their hips at the ready.

In real life, you’ll be facing criminals and there is no such thing as honor or rules in a kill-or-be-killed situation.

It’s not a duel or anything of the sort. Having to defend yourself with a handgun means someone else has taken it upon themselves to interfere with you in one way or another.

Even in the Wild West days, many people were shot by hidden adversaries who were using long guns. The shooters were waiting to ambush the person they shot. There is very little anyone can do to avoid an attack such as that, but there are many things you can do to respond to any aggression involving shots being fired.

If someone has shot at you and either missed or caused a wound that hasn’t put you down for good, quickly assess your surroundings and the location of the shooter.

In most cases, the first thing you should be doing is looking for a way to utilize your surroundings to protect you from additional shots.

If a bullet has just ricocheted off the brick wall next to you, this could be as simple as ducking down behind something solid such as vehicle. By doing this, you’ve just reduced your profile by at least half.

Once you’ve established yourself behind some type of cover, you can go about locating the threat. The fact that you are now protected will slow them down considerably; they know that they’ll be risking their own lives if they try to make a mad dash across an open space to get at you.

Using lighting to your advantage is also crucial as author Gary Hoff illustrates in his article “TDI Level VI Handgun: Intensive Gun and Light Training” on

“Why? Because the darkness is your friend; it hides you. You can step into the doorway, sweep with the light over a large area, and pick up any potential threat before they can react to you. Since you will move immediately after you flash, you won’t be where the BG last thought you were.” (Read more...)

Even the gentle changes in most terrain can be used to your advantage. A standard curb provides at least six inches of protection that can be utilized by lying down behind it.

Lying down is proven to be effective and this is why it’s advised to hit the ground if shots are fired. It greatly reduces the chances of your mass being in the zone where bullets are flying.


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      Kyle Battis 6 years ago

      great stuff guys!! I think any responsibly armed American should be reading this information