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How to Catch Yellow Bass

Updated on August 1, 2010

The yellow bass is a freshwater fish that is commonly found in the midwestern and southern parts of the US, such as Mississippi and Texas. They can be distinguished from other bass by their yellow belly and joined dorsal fins. According to the Minnesota Department of Resources they occur in large rivers, backwaters, impoundments, and sloughs. Yellow bass are smaller than larger bass such as the largemouth, so the method for catching them is different.

Go to the specific areas where yellow bass live. According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department yellow bass was originally found in Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. These two locations would be a good place start fishing for yellow bass.

Yellow bass can be caught using various small lures. Some examples are small jigs, spinnerbaits, spinners and wet flies. Yellow bass typically eat crayfish, small minnows, chad and insects, therefore these are all natural bait that can be used as a lure. This type of bait should be attached to a float so that it looks more natural.

Affix the bait onto the hook to look as natural as possible. If the bait is too obvious the yellow bass will ignore it. Disguise the hook whenever possible to increase the chances that the bass will bite.

Look around before you cast to make sure the area is clear. Hold the button on your reel and draw back the pole over your shoulders. Snap the pole forward like a whip while simultaneously releasing the the button on the reel. This will propel the hook into the water.

Although yellow bass are smaller fish they usually put up a fight. Reel in the line slowly when it jerks or suddenly gets tight. Draw back on the fishing pole while reeling in the fish. Since the yellow bass will be moving around trying to get free, reeling in the line slowly will ensure the hook stays in it’s mouth. Unhook the yellow bass when you pull it into your boat.
Like all bass they feed early morning or late evening, so these are the best times to fish for them.
Look for schools of bait fish such as minnows. The yellow bass will stay close to their food source.


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