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How to Choose the Right Basketball

Updated on July 22, 2012


Choose the right basketball

The first element to choose a suitable basketball is the right size of the ball to your hand. The best guide to get the right size is based on age group. The smaller the age, the smaller palm you have and the smaller the ball you need. The weight of the basketball also varies according to the size. However, all size of the basketball comes together with the standard weight. Therefore, you just need to select the right size based on your age range.

Below is the table guide on the respective basketball size for different age group and official tournament.

Official Regulation
5 -8
Mini International (Young kids)
22” – 22.5”
10.5 - 11.25 oz
Junior International (For boys and girls)
27.25” – 27.75”
14 - 16 oz
12 or more
Intermediate Girls Youth
28.5” - 29”
18 - 20 oz
12 -14
Intermediate Boys Youth
28.5” - 29”
18 - 20 oz
12 or more
Women’s International
28.5” - 29”
18 - 20 oz
15 or more
Men’s International
29.5” - 30”
20 - 22 oz

The second element to consider is to decide whether the basketball used is for outdoor court or indoor court. There are basically three types of surface of a basketball which have different purpose as follows:-

Rubber Surface

Rubber surface is the typical basketballs used mainly for outdoor court due to its durability to wear and tear. It is relatively cheaper and is popular on most playground and outdoor parks.

Composite / Synthetic Leather

This type of surface comes with indoor court mainly but recently also able to cater for both indoor and outdoor court. The surface of this ball gives good gripping and control for players and is one the most frequently chosen ball.

Full Grain Leather

This is a full leather basketball designed for indoor use only. After certain exposure or several round of play, the surface of the ball develops cushion-like feel and gives players a good gripping or control of the ball.


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