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How to Create Your Own Umbrella Tent

Updated on January 4, 2018
unvrso profile image

An avid camper and hiker as well as writer and astronomy lover, Jose Juan Gutierrez has always been inspired by the sky

An umbrella tent is something that can be vey useful, especially when you want to build something fast and easy. An umbrella tent can provide you with shelter and keep the mosquitos away when you are on a picnic or away from home.

An umbrella tent can provide you with a good shade at the beach. It can be built in the backyard outside of the home. You also can build an umbrella tent at a picnic or while camping. You can show children how to build one and keep them entertained while creating their own umbrella tent.

Things Needed to Create an Umbrella Tent

  • 4 by 8 or bigger piece of fabric
  • 8 pieces of chord 6 inches long
  • An umbrella
  • A 4 ft. long tube
  • A Swissknife

Things needed
Things needed | Source

Where to Create an Umbrella Tent?

the first thing you need to create your umbrella tent is a soft ground where to stick the tube. This can be in the backyard of your home, during a picnic at the park or the beach. If you just want to create an umbrella tent inside the house, you can use a 5 gallon bucket, which you can fill with dirt, so that you can introduce the 4 feet tube inside.

Before you stick the tube into the ground, you need to decide how your're going to attach the umbrella to the tube. For this project, I drilled a hole on the umbrella curved handle inside of wich I introduced a screw. This screw is going to screw inside a hole on one end of the tube.

If you don't want to do this, you can join the umbrella to the tube by using some scotch tape.

Umbrella and tube
Umbrella and tube | Source

After the tube and umbrella have been joined strongly and securely together, open the umbrella and fasten the piece of fabric to the tips of the umbrella by using the small pieces of rope and a simple half knot, which will hold the fabric to the umbrella strongly enough for as long as the fun lasts.

Knots | Source

After you have tied the small pieces of chord to the umbrella tips, you can use small sticks of tree branches, which you will easily find if you're building your umbrella tent at the park or while camping, to hold the lower edges of the fabric to the ground.

If you created your own umbrella tent inside of your home, you can use a number of books for the same purpose mentioned above. The complete project for creating your own umbrella tent should resemble the one in the picture below; however, it may differ from it a little depending on the color and size of the fabric you used.

Umbrella Tent
Umbrella Tent | Source


It took me around ten minutes to create my own umbrella tent. I used a piece of fabric that I had at home, and while arming my umbrella tent I had to deal with sporadic wind gusts, which made the task a little harder. To avoid this, you can use some other kind of fabric like that used for mosquitos.

You can use an umbrella tent to protect you from the sunlight while at the beach or to guard you from the mosquitos. An umbrella tent can be armed in a few minutes. It can be very useful when you don't have a camping tent on hand and need a good shade under a sunny day.

© 2013 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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  • unvrso profile imageAUTHOR

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 

    7 years ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for your comments. In deed, I had lots of fun while building this umbrella tent. An umbrella tent can be useful in a number of ways when going out on a trip to the country side, the beach or a picnic.

  • Beth100 profile image


    7 years ago from Canada

    This is a great idea! Terrific for our hikes and camp outs when the weather is uncertain..

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 

    7 years ago from The Caribbean

    I imagine tons of family or group fun while setting up and afterwards. Voted Up and Useful.

  • unvrso profile imageAUTHOR

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 

    7 years ago from Mexico City

    That's correct! Everything taken on a camping trip should have a useful use. To tell you the truth, I don't carry much while camping, only the necessary.

    I used the camping tent to offer shelter to two dogs that I met at the park and who did not got away from me for the two days I spent there. The umbrella tent can be used as a porta-toilet or some other imaginable use.

    Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

  • chabias profile image


    7 years ago

    This is a great idea, yet so simple, it's a wonder I haven't heard of this before. The umbrella tent would make a great privacy tent for a porta-toilet while camping. One could also easily carry everything needed on a hike, and use the long pole as a walking stick. Then use it to set up camp.


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