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How to Drink More Water (if you don't like drinking water)

Updated on July 28, 2015

The benefits drinking water

It is recommended that you drink 8, 8 ounce glasses of water a day for good health. This can vary depending on your height and weight but is a good guideline to follow. There are many reasons why you should make sure you drink enough each and every day.


  • keeps you feeling hydrated
  • can aid in weight loss by keeping you feeling full, longer
  • helps to flush out your system
  • makes skin look radiant and healthy
  • helps your kidneys function better
  • can help fight fatigue

Ways to make drinking water easier

There are many things you can do to flavor your water to try and make it easier to drink. For a long time I used powdered packets of ice tea and lemonade that I added to my water bottles. I liked them because they were easy to carry with me and came in a lot of flavors. The one thing I did not like though is that it can be hard to get all of the powder to dissolve.

When these same companies started making liquid flavoring additives to add to water instead, I was on board. No more undissolved powder floating around in my drinks! I thought I had found a great way to drink more water without having to drink it plain, but after a while the taste of this liquid additives started to bother me. Even though these water enhancements have zero calories, the artificial sweeteners can be harmful to your body over the long haul.

After I stopped using these liquid flavorings I started looking into fruit infused water. This is a natural way to flavor water where you soak fruit in the water to get the flavoring, but since you don't eat the fruit you don't get any of the calories. So far this is my favorite method of flavoring water and since there are so many combinations to try I never get bored. I have had no problem drinking my 64 ounces of water once I switched to fruit infused water.

Infused Water Combinations

I have tried many different combinations of fruit in my water. I find that this keeps things fresh and exciting. I never get bored of drinking it! Here are some of my favorite combinations.

Strawberry pairs with:
Lemon pairs with:
Blueberry pairs with:
Raspberry pairs with:

Which flavor combination sounds best to you?

See results

Choosing the right fruit infuser water bottle

There are many things you will want to take into consideration when it comes to which fruit infuser water bottle you choose. Some things to think about are:

  • do you prefer glass or plastic
  • is it dishwasher safe
  • will it fit into your cup holder
  • how much water can it hold
  • is it easy to hold and carry

Everybody will have their own preferences when it comes to what they want in a water bottle. I actually went through a few different ones before I found one that was right for me. I finally settled on the InfuseZen water bottle below. I like this one because:

  • it is made from BPA-free plastic so it's light to carry
  • I can put it in my dishwasher with no problem
  • it fits into the cup holder of my car (you would be surprised by how many bottles didn't fit before I found this one)
  • it is 32oz so if I fill it up twice during the day I am almost at my goal
  • it has a handle and a rubber grip that makes it easy to carry

There are a lot of different kinds of bottles out there so make sure you find the one that will help you drink the most, I have found this is the best one for me.

Preparing my Strawberry, Papaya and Mint Water

Drink More and Feel Great

I've always had a hard time drinking water so I'm not sure if I was every fully hydrated until recently. I was surprised by the huge difference it makes! Now I feel more energetic and refreshed during the day and am not as tired at work. Now that I know what it feel like to drink my 8 glasses a day I can't picture myself stopping now.

I really dislike the taste of water and have found it hard to drink water up until now. Try infusing your water with different fruits and see what a big difference it makes for you as well. It's a great way to get yourself to start drinking more, even if you don't like the taste of water!


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