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Fun Family Activities in Ohio

Updated on March 16, 2016

Ohio Really Does Have it All!

I have lived in Ohio most of my life, and have thoroughly lamented this fact. This is because my dad's family is from Eastern Tennessee, with beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains. I've always thought that "a bad day in Tennessee is still better than a good day in Ohio." But I could be wrong. I think I need to give Ohio more credit.

Here's why: Ohio has some awesome attractions, and things to do. And housing costs are very affordable, about 4 times lower than states like California, New York, and Washington State.

Here are some great things about Ohio:

* Amish Country. Did you know that Ohio has the largest population of Amish people West of the Appalachians? Holmes & Berlin counties are home to over 4,000 Amish individuals, complete with all their wonderful culture & artisan work shops. They are famous for hand-made furniture, cheeses, wines, pastries, and quilts.

* Kings Island, Coney Island, and Cedar Point. Need I say more? Ohio is home to great theme parks! Kings Island has the tallest wooden roller coaster (called Son of Beast), and seems to add a new roller coaster every year, and Cedar Point is called the "roller coaster capital of the world!" You can buy season passes, guest passes, or day passes, and can periodically obtain coupons at Kroger grocery stores.

* Lake Erie & Put-In-Bay. Get on a ferry at Port Clinton, Ohio, and travel to South Bass Island on Lake Erie, a wonderful tourist destination called "Put-In-Bay." Ancient Native American cave paintings can be found on a nearby island for your historical pleasure. Put-In-Bay is a quaint island home to beautiful Lake Erie views, golf cart rides, shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars (for after-hours fun). Housing on Put-In-Bay ranges from picturesque Bed & Breakfasts, privately-owned Inns, to normal big-chain hotels. There's even a "mine" where children can mine for gold!

* Ohio has numerous state parks, including Caesar's Creek, East Fork Lake, Hueston Woods, Cowan Lake, St. Mary's Lake, Hocking Hills, Kelley's Island, Little Miami, and many, many others! Hueston Woods is only 10 minutes from Miami University, and has a "wildlife refuge" area where visitors can view up-close birds of prey, and big cats like lions & bobcats. Ohio's state parks are teeming with wonderful events & things to see, regardless of your adventure skill-level.

* Ohio has numerous universities. Ohio's first & second largest univerisities are the Ohio State University and Kent State. Miami University (in Southwestern Ohio) was called by Robert Frost the "most beautiful university in America." Miami University has english-style "formal gardens," miles of hiking, running, & horseback trails, and picturesque landscaping all over campus, so there are as many things to do outdoors as indoors at Miami!

* Southeastern Ohio has rolling Appalachian foothills, and is home to Old Man's Cave, a large cave system in Hocking Hills, Ohio. This cave has beautiful foliage and has historical signifigance. A great destination in beautiful country! There are also many rental cabins & chalets to stay in.

Old Man's Cave Overlook, Hocking Hills, Ohio.
Old Man's Cave Overlook, Hocking Hills, Ohio.


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