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How to Find the Best Hiking Locations

Updated on April 9, 2010

Hiking Blogs and Where to Hike

Whether you have been an avid hiking enthusiast for years or are just getting started, chances are you have scoured the library or talked to someone in your state's hiking club in order to learn where the best hiking locations are to be found. Of course, with the internet being such a part of one’s life, there is now an easier way to seek out hiking information. One such way is by following the postings on a hiking blog.

There are many online hiking communities out there, so no matter what your choice in hikes- day hiking, overnight trips or cross country-there is no limit to where you can go for a hiking adventure. To get you started on finding hiking information via pen and paper research, here is a list of public lands managed through government agencies that can provide you with even more hiking tips and information.

  • Bureau of Land Management, Office of Information-Department of the Interior, Washing ton, DC 20240
  • National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Washington DC 20240 This department is responsible for managing the National Trail system, the National Recreation Trails and the National Scenic Trails.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Washington DC 20240
  • U. S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Box 2417, Washington DC 20013
  • American Hiking Society, 1015-31st Street, NW, Washington DC 20007
  • The Appalachian Mountain Club, 5 Joy Street, Boston MA 02108
  • The Audubon Society, 950 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022,
  • The Mountaineers, 300 Third Ave. W., Seattle WA, 98119
  • National Wildlife Federation, 1412-16 street NW, Washington DC 20036

If you would like to have topographical maps for the region(s) you plan to hike, you can get most of them for little or no cost. To secure topographical maps, contact the agencies below. Be sure to ask for the state index of the region you plan to hike.

  • U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Branch Distribution, 1200 S. Eads Street, Arlington VA 22202 This department provides maps for regions that are east of the Mississippi River.
  • USGS, Branch of Division, Box 25286, Federal Center, Denver CO, 80225 This is the agency for maps west of the Mississippi River.
  • Department of Energy, Mines & Resources 615 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0e4, Canada here you can learn about the hiking regions of Canada.

Whether you choose to look these departments up online or contact them via pen and paper, you are going to be ready to hit the trails. After your hiking adventures, be sure to share your stories with others on a hiking blog. The people there will likely have tips, suggestions and comments that can make your next hiking trip even better than the last.

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    • JanSlagell profile image

      JanSlagell 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Glad to help!

    • alahiker28 profile image

      Vicki Parker 7 years ago from the Deep South

      Thanks for the advice. Some of the best hikes I've been on are the ones in other states so it's always good to learn what's outside your State's hiking groups.