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How to Follow the FIFA Football World Cup on Twitter

Updated on June 24, 2010

On Friday 11th of June the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup opened in South Africa (my home country). I can tell you now that the excitement and buzz in South Africa is explosive. There are flags everywhere and the fans are LOVING it. We really are putting on what many people refer to as the "greatest show on earth"! 

I'm lucky enough to live in the host country, so I'll be getting first hand news and information from the sidelines, so to speak, but many of you will be overseas and champing at the bit for real time news.

Nothing beats Twitter for real-time info, so here's how to keep track of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on Twitter.


Hashtags are keywords preceded by the hash sign (#). This helps us to follow "Trending Topics" on Twitter. In the coming weeks we'll be seeing a lot of World Cup related hashtags.

Wednesday 8 June marked South Africa's own celebration as the country showed their support for the national team prior to the kick off. This created the first World Cup trending topic: #vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is a plastic horn popular amongst South African football fans and now being used extensively at the FIFA Football World Cup being hosted in that country.

But if you're keen on following what people are saying then these two hashtags are currently the most popular:



As the World Cup hits fever pitch we should notice these two trending, but there are others out there like: #swc #soccer2010, so keep an eye on what becomes the de facto hashtag. I use #wc2010 because it's shorter than #worldcup and thus gives you more space for your 140 character tweet.

Also remember that it's an international competition so there will be possible foreign language hashtags out there. Here are some terms for World Cup in foreign languages (translation might be incorrect):

  • Afrikaans: Wêreldbeker
  • Chinese: 世界杯
  • Czech: Světový pohár
  • Danish: Verdenmesterskab (or VM2010)
  • Dutch: Wereldkampioenschap
  • French: Coupe du Monde
  • German: Weltmeisterschaft (or WM2010)
  • Hungarian: Világ Kupa
  • Italian: Campionato mondiale
  • Portuguese: Copa do Mundo
  • Romanian: Cupa Mondială
  • Spanish: Copa do Mundo, La Copa Mundial

If you want to follow info about your team, you could search for #YOURCOUNTRY or #YOURTEAM'SNAME.

For example: #England, #AZZURRI (Italy), #LESBLEU (France), #BAFANABAFANA (South Africa), #USMNT (USA - stands for US Men's National Team), #SOCCEROOS (Australia)

"Been there, Done that"

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World Cup Twitter Accounts

Here's a list of great Twitter feeds to follow to get the latest news and information:

  • - The official FIFA 2010 Organizing Committee Twitter feed
  • - Official 2010 FIFA World Cup South African Government feed
  • - Keeping you up to date on the 2010 World Cup. News, videos, interviews, facts and insights. 
  • - Official Top Tweets from the World Cup
  • - All the latest news and information on the 2010 soccer World Cup.
  • - CNN World Cup coverage
  • - The Telegraph's World Cup feed
  • - Associated Press feed
  • - Great World Cup blog Twitter feed
  • - The BBC's feed
  • - It says as it does
  • - Sports Illustrated soccer news
  • - Updates with scores from the games
  • - Latest news from South African World Cup
  • - Latest news and updates from FIFA
  • - Daily Telegraph Football Correspondent and Columnist for the Sunday Telegraph
  • - covering the latest 2010 World Cup soccer news
  • - New York Times soccer blog
  • - Real-time news about the World Cup
  • - For the first time in World Cup history, football fans will be able to monitor the performances of any player from the 32 teams taking part.
  • - Chief football writer, BBC Sport website

These players use this ball

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adidas World Cup 2010 Official Match Soccer Ball

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Football World Cup Players on Twitter

Three World Cup teams have already banned their players from using Twitter or Facebook during the tournament: England and Spain, and now Netherlands too. Spoil sports!

I'm busy collating as many Football World Cup players on Twitter as possible, so here's a decent list for you:

  • @efrajuarez - Mexico
  • @yosoy8a (Guillermo Ochoa) - Mexico
  • @pablitobarrera - Mexico
  • @gerardotorrado6 - Mexico
  • @andresgua18 (Andrés Guardado) - Mexico
  • @cuauhtemocb10 (Cuauhtemoc Blanco) - Mexico
  • @RicardoOsorio3- Mexico
  • @gerardotorrado6 - Mexico
  • @saviobortolini - Brazil
  • @GilbertoSilva15 - Brazil
  • @JulioCesarGol - Brazil
  • @alex_silva03 - Brazil
  • @_FelipeMelo_ - Brazil
  • @luis_fabuloso - Brazil
  • @RealKaka - Brazil
  • @aguerosergiokun - Argentina
  • @cuervolopez (Gustavo Lopez) - Argentina
  • @andresiniesta8 - Spain (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @icasillasf (Iker Casillas) - Spain (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @Carles5puyol - Spain (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @RyanBabel - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @VanMarwijk_NL10 - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @keesjansma - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @EljeroElia4Real - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @sboschker - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @Ooijer_NL10 - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @RafaVdVaart - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @Ibi_Affelay - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @robinVanPersie7 - Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @GvanderWiel – Dutch (banned from Tweeting during WC)
  • @landondonovan - USA
  • @JozyAltidore17 - USA
  • @DaMarcusBeasley - USA
  • @jonnyb_13 (Jonathan Bornstein) - USA
  • @MauriceEdu - USA
  • @stuholden22 - USA
  • @OguchiOnyewu5 - USA
  • @EdsonBuddle - USA
  • @chiellini (Giorgio Chiellini) - Italy
  • @GiuseppeRossi22 - Italy
  • @therealstevenpi (Steven Pienaar) - South Africa
  • @ldavidsofficial (Lance Davids) - South Africa
  • @DiegoForlan7 - Uruguay
  • @adrianmutu - Romania
  • @chupetesuazo (Humberto Suazo) - Chile
  • @anelkaofficiel (Nicolas Anelka) - France
  • @Siggy2010 (Ben Sigmund) - New Zealand

Veteran Brazil striker Ronaldo, the all-time top scorer at FIFA World Cup finals with 15 goals, will give commentary on the World Cup through Twitter. He came to an agreement with telecommunication company Claro and set up an account under @ClaroRonaldo.

You can also follow this list from Top Tweets:

Or this list from Social Media Sports: 


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