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How to Get the Right Size Golf Grip

Updated on May 24, 2012

The wrong size grip is one of many things that can negatively affect your golf swing. Finding the right size grip is easy. While having the right grip won't turn you into Tiger Woods, it can improve your game.

Check your glove size

Start by checking your glove size. Here is a general guide to determine the grip size you need based on your glove size.

  • Men’s X-Large glove = Midsize to Jumbo grip
  • Men’s Large glove = Standard to Midsize grip
  • Men’s Medium glove = Standard
  • Men’s Small glove = Undersize to Standard
  • Women’s Large glove = Undersize to Standard
  • Women’s Medium glove = Undersize
  • Women’s Small glove = Junior to Undersize

Check your fingers

Another way of determining your grip size it to first grip the club in your normal playing position. Then look at your left hand. Your fingertips should be barely touching the palm of your hand if the grip is the correct size. If there is a gap between your fingers and the palm, you need a smaller grip. If your fingers are digging into your palm, you need a larger grip.


The best way to know which size is right for you is to just try it. Find a pro shop that will allow you to test different size grips. Test different sizes until you find the size that helps you hit the straightest and longest. That will be the correct grip for you.

David Leadbetter talk about why size matters

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Replace Your Grips

Once you've determined the correct size golf club, replacing them is easy. You can got to a pro shop and pay a professional to replace your grips with your new ones. Or you can replace the grips yourself.

Grip Kits

You can purchase grip kits that include everything you need to regrip your own clubs.


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