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How to Add to Your Hiking Experience Without Taking a Single Step

Updated on April 14, 2010


If you have recently decided to hit the trail and explore the byways, highways and country roads of your state, then you may want to ask the experts what the best places to go are. You can do this by talking to the people in your local sporting goods store, set off on your own adventure or by studying a local map. However, one of the most helpful ways to discover your state, or those around you is through a hiking blog.

Hiking blogs are made up of hikers from all over the world who are eager to share their experiences with others. You will learn when the best time of year is to visit a specific hiking trail, what type of hiking gear works best for the terrain, and how difficult the terrain may be. Then, when you have the available information about a particular hiking adventure, it will only take a bit of time to put all your items together and then go explore the trail for yourself.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a hiking blog is the personal stories shared there. Hiking blogs typically include an abundance of hiking enthusiasts who have been pursuing the sport for quite some time.  They will often include step by step tips on how to navigate a certain trail so that you make the best use of daylight hours. Some hiking bloggers will suggest campsite locations, list area supply sources, and note spots perfect for fishing.

Of course, for many the call of hiking is as much aesthetic as it is athletic. Hiking blogs frequently have pictures taken along the trails. These photos are not only a great way to see a bit about the trails terrain, but offer you an idea of what the land looks like.  By having a visual aid, you can plan your hiking trip even easier than by just using a map.

Take advantage of the knowledge available on some of the many hiking blogs on the web. There is much wisdom to be gained, and experience to learn from that can make a huge difference in your hiking adventures. Without taking a single step, you can be in the know before you go.


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