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How to Hit a Tennis Serve

Updated on June 19, 2015

The Power

Power in general is a compulsory attribute for any athlete trying to compete in the world. The serve is the most hardest stroke/motion in my opinion. To build strength on your serve you must understand that you need good training regime and good/balanced diet. Compound exercises will ensure that your body will grow larger and more stronger. Isolation exercises will confirm that you tone your muscles and maintain your stamina. Any tennis player whose learnt how to do a powerful serve (taking the fact that it goes in the service box,) can easily make it into the top 200 in the world. In this day and era, a powerful serve is everything. ivo karlovic is one of the few players on tour who has an extremely accurate and powerful serve, there are many more like isner, anderson etc... people should realise that 80 - 85 kg weight for tennis players is a very good weight for tennis players. any more than that and your movement are going to be sluggish. I have said this over and over again to many people who start tennis on the foundation level, that the power to any stroke comes from your legs, its the shifting of your mass from low to high and then into racquet, which creates the difference in amateur player and professional, Science proves this very easily, in fact you can feel for your self the difference, and if you cant feel it,, that means you don't have the required muscles yet, to shift your weight. speed isn't as important as power is in tennis, though some might differ to my opinion. but I seriously believe that without any decent strength your not going to go far in the professional tour let alone creative tennis.

Flat Serve

Del Potro Flat Serve

above is del potro's flat serve

The Spin

The SPIN,,, I don't know any tennis player who completely relies on flat strokes, its almost non - existent. spin is a most for any tennis stroke, including the tennis serve. The kick serve is a prime example of this. what players want is the ball to kick of the ground away from the players reach, so returning such a ball would be very difficult. The top players have the ability to mix up their serve because of their experience gap between the amateur players. Very flexible shoulders are needed to do a spin serve, and also a very strong lean back is needed to generate the force for the serve. The kick serve is much more safer option than a flat serve as the balls projectory goes from high to low. In contrast to that the flat serve has no deviation in its projectory, so their are more chances for a flat serve to hit the net or even go out of the service box.

The Accuracy

hmmmm..... Accuracy.... One of the hardest things to master in tennis. requires a lot patience and a lot of practice. tennis drills can help a player to improve his game tremendously. The cone practice is very useful to master your shots. timing/swayback/pronation etc...,, everything must be fluent and flawless to aim where you want the ball to go. a lot of tennis players in the semi - pro circuit tend to thicken their tennis grip for stability on their strokes, where as some players thin the grip for more feel and flexibility on their shots.

Spin Serve Motion

Flat Serve Motion

The kick Serve (Spin Serve)

I have already explained the kick serve above in brief, but now I will go in detail to explain where all the power for the spin is generated from. first of all is the positioning of your feet or your stance. when doing a kick serve, you will always be standing facing the crowd to your right side. the ball toss should be thrown at approximately double your height, and contact should be on the sweet spot. the power is obviously generated from the legs. now players should remember this, that a good kick serve requires to work your trapezius back muscles. I cant stress on the importance of back muscles, because its the very foundation of generating power in a spin serve. also never lock your wrists in kick serve, other wise you might end up damaging your wrists. keep on practising with these points in mind, and should be on your way to making a consistent kick serve.

All Three Motions

The Flat Serve

The secret to a flat serve is in the way you hold your racquet and your technique. a lot of people have argues on this term, that a flat serve requires more power than spin serve, which I believe is false. The service motion of a flat serve is very simple and requires minimum movement, but as for the kick serve, it requires timing and maximum movement. I have seen a lot of players doing the flat serve, but there consistency is something they need improvement on. Pete Sampras was my favourite player in these regards, as mostly his serves were very flat and very accurate.

The Importance

out of all the strokes that I have talked about the serve has the most importance. without you wont even be able to compete. serve has to be natural and consistent. the serve has to be you base, on which you can create your foundation upon.

Coach Kyril Videos

I suggest people watch coach kyril videos, as his explanation of the serve in seven parts helped me out a lot.

© 2015 Temoor


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